Webinar to explore SME law firms’ strategic priorities for 2023 and beyond

The key priorities and strategic business plans of SME law firms, according to the findings of Legal Practice Management’s (LPM’s) Frontiers Report 2023, will be discussed by a panel of guest speakers in the latest episode of the Build Better Habits webinar series, hosted by legal software provider Osprey Approach.

Osprey Approach’s marketing manager and host, Amy Bruce, will be joined by Rupert Collins-White, co-CEO at LPM, Sarah Charlton, CEO of law firm Eaton-Evans & Morris, and Sophie Holdsworth, operations manager at Farnworth Rose Solicitors.

The panel will explore the key findings of LPM’s Frontiers Report, which surveyed over 50 senior leaders at UK SME law firms to provide a comprehensive analysis of their strategic plans.

Amy Bruce said:

“For the seventh episode of our popular Build Better Habits series, we’re going to explore the insights of the LPM Frontiers Report, which will help us to understand the strategic business plans of SME law firms – and how those plans will likely impact firms’ decisions, habits and processes.

Please join us and our expert guests as we discuss the priorities of SME law firms, the habits that firms need to adopt to stay competitive, their legal technology investment plans, and cultural changes across firms.

I’m delighted to be joined by LPM’s co-CEO, Rupert Collins-White, Sophie Holdsworth and also to welcome back Sarah Charlton, who shared her insights in previous episodes. I’m looking forward to hearing the views of our guests in what looks set to be an insightful and thought-provoking discussion.”

Webinar details: 

Strategic priorities for SME law firms: How modern law firms can stay competitive and improve long-term success

Location: online

Cost: free

Date & time: Thursday 22 June 2023, at 10.00am

Register to secure your place here:


To find out more about Osprey’s Build Better Habits webinar series and its on-demand and upcoming episodes, please visit:


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