What is a UPRN? And how can it help conveyancers?

What is a UPRN? And how can it help conveyancers?

A UPRN is a Unique Property Reference Number. Unlike a Title Number, a UPRN can connect a whole range of property related activities such as surveys, sales and paperwork, to one unique ID.

UPRN’s might be best compared to the number plate on a car. A unique reference point to which a range of information can be associated. Following the launch in 2020, organisations across the property industry pledged their support to the initiative.

But take up and adoption has been slow… and Today’s Conveyancer are on a mission to know why. UPRNs have the potential to:

  • improve conveyancing as processes become more efficient
  • enable more targeted, cost-effective legislation enforcement
  • provide greater protection for tenants and fewer rogue landlords
  • enable an increase in productivity in the property sector overall
  • improve consumer and market safety and lower levels of fraud

So what is stopping us? We want to hear from YOU. 

We have 5 questions we would like the industry to answer about the use of UPRN’s. All responses are anonymous and will form part of the industry’s response at a Conveyancing Information Executive roundtable, to be held at Ordnance Survey’s Head Office in Southampton on 24th November 2021.

The UPRN system was introduced in 2020 and is currently managed by GeoPlace, a subsidiary of Ordnance Survey, which also adds geographic co-ordinates to each address. Accuracy of the records is critical with Local Authorities required to update and maintain address registers which are submitted along with the UPRNs to the central GeoPlace database.

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