Updated CON29DW launched

DWSN and the Law Society launch an updated CON29DW Commercial as part of changes to drainage and water searches for residential and commercial properties.

DWSN and the Law Society are committed to regular updates for both the CON29DW and CommercialDW searches to reflect legislative and industry changes. As part of that commitment, DWSN and The Law Society have worked to develop an updated commercial drainage and water search. This development has created a standardised search that now also makes provision for questions regarding wayleaves and easements.

The existing CON29DW will be rebranded as the CON29DW Residential and the newly standardised CommercialDW will be rebranded as the CON29DW Commercial. Both the CON29DW Residential and Commercial search reports are primarily created from water and sewerage company data and analysed by specialists during their compilation. This ensures a high-quality report and aims to avoid unnecessary risk further down the line.

Both the rebranded CON29DW Residential and updated CON29DW Commercial search reports offer the high standards of product quality, consumer protection and customer service that conveyancers expect. Where members include the highest level of consumer protection set by DWSN, they are allowed to apply the DWSN Mark to relevant CON29DW Residential and also CON29DW Commercial Searches.

These changes will be rolled out throughout September 2021, contact your provider for further details www.con29dw.co.uk .

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