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Verification of Funds

3 July 2023 – 11.00 am (30 minutes)

Join us as we showcase our newly enhanced Verification of Funds (VOF) solution. Learn how Enhanced VOF enables you to complete a full financial picture of your client’s source of funds and source of wealth quickly and easily.

In this webinar, we’ll explore how you can:

– Minimise the risk of financial fraud with a complete picture of your client’s financial history.
– Access the most up to date data about your client’s finances to ensure they are legitimate.
– Fulfil your compliance obligations with improved processes, data sources, advanced reporting and audit trails.

KYC starts with eCOS

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Smart, Accurate and Compliant Property Reports Every Time

4 July 2023 – 11.00 am (30 minutes)

Creating a report on title can be time-consuming and open to error and risk when done manually.

In this 30-minute webinar, we’ll explore how automation removes both the administrative burden and risk of error from your reports, meaning your clients receive the key information about their property swiftly, with total confidence in its accuracy.

Learn how Property Report:

· Automatically extracts data from your local authority, drainage and water, and environmental searches
· Highlights issues related to covenants, easements, rent charges and more
· Provides access to a shared content library, enabling consistency of reports across your firm
· Delivers complete reports on title in as little as 15 minutes


Digital Post Completion with InfoTrack

5 July 2023 – 11.00 am (1 hour)

Post-completion has undergone a significant ‘digital shift’ in recent years, most recently with the switch to AP1 submissions. InfoTrack has been a key partner in many firms’ journey through digitisation with a platform that has significantly streamlined the post-completion processes.

Join us as we demonstrate how we help firms submit, manage and monitor post-completion tasks through:

· Integration with HMRC and HMLR
· Automatic pre-population of data for SDLTs (70% complete) and AP1s (90% complete), reducing errors and requisitions
· Up-to-date SRA information on the other side’s solicitors
· Easy-to-select Local Authority codes
· Automatic attachment of SDLT5s from the matter – removing duplication of effort


UK Finance Lender Handbook and CQS Requirements ​

6 July 2023 – 11.00 am (1 hour)

Compliance and risk mitigation have become increasingly important in recent years. Still, with changes to regulation and the mortgage market happening frequently, staying on top of your obligations can be hard.

Join us to see how CQS and lender requirements can be supported through InfoTrack:

· View Parts 1, 2 & 3 of the Lenders’ Handbook for all lenders in England and Wales

· Save a copy of all answers checked to your file

· Sign up to receive alerts when lenders make a change to Part 2


Minimise Risk, and Improve Efficiency in your Real Estate Transactions 

7 July 2023 – 11.00 am (1 hour)

It’s essential to have systems in place that can help you navigate commercial real estate transaction challenges easily.

Join us at 11:00 AM to learn how InfoTrack can provide deep visibility and clear insight across every commercial property transaction. We’ll cover everything, including:

• Minimising risk with purpose-built dashboards
• Accessing simplified commercial mapping and data layers
• Saving time through bulk submission of OCE and OS Searches
• A single source of truth through integration with your DMS


Key ESG and Climate Change considerations for conveyancers

19 July – 2.00 pm (1 hour)

ESG (environmental, social, governance) is creating new risks, as well as opportunities, for all sectors, with law firms increasingly having to demonstrate their ESG policies and credentials. Climate change is the most critical of all the ESG risks, and conveyancers who fail to warn their clients about such risks are falling short of their professional duties, with potentially serious consequences.

Stephen Sykes, Head of Climate, Environment and Sustainability at Capital Law and member of the City of London Law Society’s new ESG Group will be joined by Andrew Crawshaw, Senior Account Manager at Groundsure, as well as Roxanne Bailey, Property Report Product Specialist at InfoTrack, and together they will discuss:

• implications for new builds
• implications for existing properties
• climate change and the impact on housing
• implications for conveyancers, including:

– guidance from The Law Society
– duty to warn clients
– role of climate searches and associated reporting
– the retainer – inadvisability of removing climate advice from your retainer
– professional indemnity insurance risk
– acquiring and maintaining competence to advise.

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Everything you need to know about digital onboarding

20 July – 2.00 pm (1 hour)

We’ve all heard of digital onboarding, but what does it actually mean, and how can you make the leap from existing, traditional practices, to adopting onboarding processes that deliver genuine benefits for your team and your clients?

Sam Jordan, COO from InfoTrack, will be joined by David Opie, Managing Director of Today’s Media, and Nathan Kapoor, Managing Partner at Charles Coleman Solicitors, and together they will explore:

– why “digital onboarding” is such a buzz word
– how to identify the processes to keep, and those to leave behind
– how to ensure successful adoption of your new digital approach
– what makes for a strong digital onboarding process

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