Upcoming events with InfoTrack

Upcoming events with InfoTrack

SRA Client and Matter Risk Assessments: What you need to do to ensure compliance

29 February 2024 – 11.00 am (1 hour)

The SRA issued its Warning Notice to Firms in October 2023, stating:

“We continue to see a persistent level of non-compliant client/matter risk assessments, and this remains an area where improvement is necessary. Undertaking effective client/matter risk assessments is a key step in preventing money laundering as it should inform the correct level of client due diligence to apply, as well as ongoing monitoring.”

It is evident, that even with a template assessment form, this remains an area in which law firm staff continue to struggle.

In this session, Norman Denton, Senior Compliance & Regulatory Specialist at Legal Eye, will consider:

• how client and matter risk assessment should be approached
• how you demonstrate ongoing assessments
• source of funds and wealth
• good and poor practices in evidence

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Tips and tricks for managing April PII renewals

5 March 2024 – 11.00 am (1 hour)

With approximately 30% of law firms having their PII due for renewal in April, now is the perfect time to shine the spotlight on what is happening in the insurance market.

We’ll be joined by Phil Edwards, Managing Director at Quality PI, and Business Consultant Lisa Summerton, and together they will:

– explore the dynamic market environment, characterised by a surge of new players;
– provide valuable insights into the shifting perceptions of conveyancing exposure, which are redefining risk assessments;
– navigate through emerging challenges, such as grappling with the implications of the BSA;
– show you how to provide comprehensive information that surpasses conventional insurer enquiries.

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Navigating Japanese Knotweed

20 March 2024 – 11.00 am (1 hour)

Japanese Knotweed is the UK’s most invasive plant, and due to the legal framework in place to protect homebuyers, it is an issue that conveyancers often need to confront. The risks the plant presents both to the property and the transaction itself are well documented, but what recent developments do conveyancers need to know about?

CLSQ are joining InfoTrack to provide an informative session to help property lawyers understand their options in addressing the issue of Japanese Knotweed on behalf of their clients. Amongst the topics we’ll be covering will be:

– Japanese Knotweed – what is it and how to spot it
– Understanding Japanese Knotweed, including latest RICS guidance
– Law Society TA6 property information form – knotweed guidance for sellers, buyers and their legal representatives
– CLSQ Japanese Knotweed Indemnity Policy – what risks and loss events are covered
– Recent cases and how these impact on conveyancers
– Updates to our Japanese Knotweed policy to help conveyancers and lenders in practice.

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Slicker workflows, smarter decisions: Data-driven solutions to commercial property challenges

26 March 2024 – 11.00 am (45 minutes)

Discover the power of InfoTrack’s Real Estate platform, designed to streamline your workflows and provide you with comprehensive insights. From property searches to due diligence, our platform is engineered to elevate efficiencies and decision making processes.

* Uncover the true potential of your property data with advanced mapping tools, allowing you to spot market trends, identify opportunities and gain a competitive edge with interactive maps that make complex information accessible and actionable;
* Witness the future of real estate intelligence with Foresite, our state of the art predictive analytics tool, allowing you to leverage data-driven insights to anticipate market movements, assess risks and make informed decisions.

Don’t miss this opportunity to revolutionise your approach to real estate. Secure your place today, and unlock the potential of InfoTrack’s Real Estate platform, enhanced mapping tools and Foresite technology.

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Spring Financial Crime Update


The Economic Crime and Corporate Transparency Act 2023 has granted the SRA extended fining powers and a wider scope of responsibilities, from Anti Money Laundering to Economic Crime. Amy Bell, CEO of Teal Compliance, joins us to explore the latest legislation affecting financial crime including the new corporate offence of Failing to Prevent Fraud, and changes to the Proceeds of Crime Act.

In this session we will consider:
• Lessons we can learn from the latest big fines imposed on Law Firms
• What are the 3 key steps you need to be able to show on your conveyancing files
• The differences between the Red flags for Money Laundering and Fraud
• How to handle push back on Source of Funds and Wealth enquiries

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