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eCOS – Introducing the eCOS Legal app

21 August 2023 – 11.00 am (45 mins)

Onboarding your clients with eCOS just got even easier! Join us as we demonstrate how your clients can complete all onboarding tasks via the eCOS Legal mobile app.

We’ll demonstrate just how easy it is for anyone with an Android or Apple phone to complete:

· Onboarding forms

· Verification of Funds

· Verification of ID and AML

And validate submitted data with Signatures.


Blending your expertise with industry best practice

22 August 2023 – 11.00 am (45 minutes)

In conveyancing, there’s often a need to strike a balance between efficiency, and quality of service. We believe that there should be no need to sacrifice one for the other.

In this webinar, Roxanne Bailey, InfoTrack’s Property Report Product Manager, demonstrates how Property Report’s extensive content library, along with its ability to accommodate custom content, helps firms of all sizes create Reports in Title that provide house buyers with the best advice from your conveyancers, while removing much of the administrative burden associated with checking best practice and reviewing the latest changes in guidance.


What conveyancers need to know for their next PII renewal

22 August – 2.00 pm (1 hour)

With approximately 50% of the profession due to renew their PII between now and the end of the year, this is a good time to shine the spotlight on what is happening in the insurance market.

Jenny Screech, Consultant at Howden Insurance Brokers, will update us on the solicitors’ PII market – and it’s not all bad news!

Jenny will highlight the conveyancing issues that underwriters are most concerned about, covering:

– market update
– what’s currently on your underwriter’s radar
– how to hit the right notes in your renewal submission to your underwriter
– using InfoTrack to support your renewal

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Managing Reports on Title – is there a better way? 

23 August 2023 – 2.00 pm (1 hour)

A Report on Title is a key milestone in the conveyancing process, and it’s importance to you and your clients cannot be understated. But is there an easier way to create them, that can be trusted?

Roxanne Bailey, Property Report Product Specialist at InfoTrack will be joined by David Opie, Managing Director of Today’s Media, and Amy Church, Managing Partner at Lucas & Wyllys, to discuss how technology can help create high quality, personalised reports on title, that are smart, accurate, compliant and tailored to your own firm’s reporting needs, saving valuable fee-earning time and ensuring high standards every time. In particular, we’ll focus on:

– how to balance accuracy with personal experience
– how your documents influence customers’ perceptions of your firm
– managing changes to guidance and regulation
– what else fee-earners could be doing with the time they save using technology
– first-hand feedback from Amy Church on her firm’s experience of embracing tech to do the heavy lifting

Learn how to make the most out of technology to support your processes. Book now!


eCOS – TA Forms

28 August 2023 – 11.00 am (45 minutes)

While much is made (not least by us) of the importance of slick verification of Identity and Funds during the onboarding process, one of the features of eCOS that gets the most praise from users is how we’ve made Protocol Forms easier to complete for your customers, and easier for you to manage.

Join us as we demonstrate how eCOS enables:

• Easy completion of personal details, seller questionnaires, and HMLR protocol forms
• Early identification of missing information,
• Automated reminders for documentation not received
• Firm-wide dashboard showing all outstanding documents and signatures
And more…


What’s hot in climate change?

29 August 2023 – 11.00 am (45 minutes)

From a structural and financial perspective, climate change and its impacts on property is becoming a significant concern for house buyers.

Join us as we explore how Property Report aids conveyancers in providing their clients with vital climate-driven insights for their properties thanks to the inclusion of always up-to-date Climate Index information and a long list of other environmental considerations, including Flooding, Air pollution and EPCs.


Managing High Volume Post Completion 

30 August 2023 – 11.00 am (45 minutes)

When it comes to standard residential property transactions, submitting post-completion tasks can be a smooth and straightforward process. However, things can get more challenging when dealing with a higher volume, such as in the case of new build properties.

That’s where InfoTrack comes in. Our platform is designed to support you with submitting your SDLT and AP1 for all types of properties, not just standard residential ones. Join us at 11:00 am to discover how our intuitive post-completion tool can assist you in handling high-volume post-completion tasks effectively.

During the session, we’ll cover how you can take advantage of the following features:
• Clone tool: Say goodbye to the effort of duplication with an advanced clone tool that makes it easier to handle multiple tasks.
• Dashboards: Stay on top of your tasks with a dedicated dashboard to keep track of the status of each task
• MI InfoTrack: Get access to a feature that can help you extract and compile reports to keep track of your orders

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Redemption Statements

31 August 2023 – 11.00 am (45 minutes)

Discover the benefit of LMS’s Secure Link technology, more specifically the Redemption Statement feature, which you can access via InfoTrack.

This session will include:

– An overview of the LMS and InfoTrack partnership.
– An introduction to the current feature accessible through InfoTrack
– The key benefits of utilising the Redemption Statement solution

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Practical implications for practitioners on the Building Safety Act

13 September 2023 – 2.00 pm (1 hour)

The Building Safety Act incorporates Leaseholder Protection provisions relating to flats in buildings that meet the definition of a “Relevant Building”. The provisions in the Act and lenders requirements arising from it are resulting in significant issues for residential conveyancers and their clients.

We’ll be joined by David Keighley, solicitor, expert trainer and writer on residential property matters, who will cover issues arising from the Building Safety Act 2022, the updated Government guidance on the Act, and the UKFML Handbook Part 1 and Part 2 requirements, including:

• the meaning of the key terms in the BSA 2022, namely:
o Qualifying leases and leaseholders
o Relevant buildings
o Relevant defects
• Leaseholder and Landlords Deeds of Certificate
• UKFML Handbook Para 5.14.17: Building safety requirements
• Fire Safety (England) Regulations 2022 – duties of the “Responsible Person”
• Practical issues

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