Time to act on CQS

Time to act on CQS

Firms are reminded that that time is pressing to reconsider applying, if they want to remain on the Santander panel, and have not yet started the application process for CQS.

Santander has been clear that, in order to remain on their panel, firms must at least have a CQS application in progress by 31st March.

To help remind conveyancers the Law Society has put a countdown clock on the application page of the CQS setting out the application process.

Applications usually take between 4-6 weeks, however turnaround times of 12 weeks are not uncommon.

The Law Society said the length of time it takes to process an application varies depending on whether all the necessary supporting documents come with the application.

Legal practices preparing to apply should check the Law Society CQS application guidance notes at http://www.lawsociety.org.uk/accreditation/specialist-schemes/conveyancing-quality-scheme/apply/ to ensure they provide all the necessary documents with their application to avoid any delays

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