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Supporting the leaders of tomorrow: the future isn’t all about technology

It’s fair to say that the next generation of conveyancers are more comfortable working alongside new technology, and with a digital evolution driving rapid change across the industry, the administrative side of the job will no-doubt benefit from more efficient digital processes.

However, while this generation of conveyancers will take the lead with implementing new technologies, other aspects of the job remain the same.

Electronic processes don’t eliminate the human element of the service we deliver to clients. Developing empathy and compassion to understand a client’s point of view and build great working relationships with third parties – these skills are just as important as new technologies. And, most importantly, they can’t be learnt overnight.

While embracing the digital change is great, the future is not all about new technology. So how are we – as experienced conveyancers and business leaders – identifying the next generation of talent and supporting them in developing all of the skills needed to become well-rounded conveyancers?

Grassroots recruitment

I don’t know of a conveyancer who was encouraged to take the path into this industry by their school’s career advisor. Property law just isn’t an area of the legal system that young people are directed towards, so it’s our job as the experts to show them what a fulfilling career this can be.

Working with second-level education is a brilliant way to help school-leavers understand what a career in conveyancing looks like. It also acts as an opportunity to offer alternative routes to qualification for those that might not have the means to follow a conventional path through university and Law School.

Between March and May each year, many schools and colleges welcome professionals onto their campus to speak with leavers. This is an effective way to engage with young people and potential talent in your area.

In- house training

There are obvious benefits for a business that trains its own staff. They get to understand the individual company’s processes and don’t arrive to the job with established (and sometimes bad) habits. But training conveyancers on the job has a benefit for the wider industry too. If and when they might leave the company, they’ll be qualified to a high level and benefit any other business they join, raising standards across the whole industry. Training in-house also gives senior members of staff the opportunity to mentor, which has the potential to add a rewarding layer to the job.

Digital isn’t everything

While the next generation are no-doubt our technical trailblazers, this can come with a risk of underdeveloped people skills. I am seeing many super-smart recruits that are nervous to communicate in person and tend to be more comfortable communicating from behind screens. It’s often harder for this generation who don’t know any different. Our role here is to inspire new starters to develop essential people skills by setting a good example ourselves. Embrace their digital abilities but encourage new conveyancers to make personal contact with clients. Phone calls and face-to-face are especially important.

If the leaders of today spend time mentoring and passing on the essential skills that conveyancers can’t deliver through technology – human connection and empathy – we’ll have a better chance of finding and keeping the best talent and creating an exciting path for the leaders of tomorrow to succeed in our industry.

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Leaders of Tomorrow

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