SortRefer strengthens the link between mortgage brokers and conveyancers

SortRefer strengthens the link between mortgage brokers and conveyancers

The award-winning conveyancing portal, SortRefer has launched an update to their business offering, by providing the opportunity for its customers to review the conveyancing services they are utilising.

From the beginning of the month, having used the services of a SortRefer conveyancing partner, all mortgage brokers who have used the portal have been providing honest reviews to existing and newly registered SortRefer customers. This has allowed brokers to make an informed decision as to which conveyancer is right for their clients.

We already offer the most advanced online conveyancing resource in the market and while we set the highest standards for our conveyancing partners, we felt that it was important to be totally transparent about our users’ experiences. says SortRefer Managing Director, Kevin Tunnicliffe.

Each of the short critiques is automatically entered into the online rating system, allowing mortgage brokers to effectively compare quality of service and view the strengths and weaknesses of each conveyancer within the database.

Tunnicliffe states, We want our users to be able to see just how good our conveyancing suppliers are and make sure that brokers have access to real feedback.

So we are urging every broker who uses the SortRefer portal to take a few minutes and give us their feedback.

Finding quality conveyancing services has always been a set-back for mortgage providers and has often lengthened the property buying process for consumers – open and honest service evaluations would always be welcomed within the property industry. That said, on visiting the SortRefer site, it soon becomes apparent the testimonials are only available to brokers who register.

Tunnicliffe comments on the thinking behind creating the portal, The reason we set up SortRefer was because as mortgage brokers at the time, we were constantly let down by the conveyancing part of the process.

Therefore, do you think the need to register with SortRefer before having access to the reviews is hindering the success of the system? Would making the reviews public make the link between brokers and conveyancers more accessible? Let us know in the comments below.


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