Smart Legal’s Smooth Migration from Osprey to Hoowla

For Smart Legal, a law firm based in London, the need for a seamless migration from their existing Osprey case management system needed to be fast, efficient and carry all of their existing data with no loss of information. Their trust in Hoowla was met with success that speaks volumes about Hoowla’s skills in case management data migrations.

Smart Legal’s migration project was an ambitious undertaking, involving the transfer of critical data encompassing their accounts, case notes, emails, client information, and an array of documents. Despite the complexity of the task, our Hoowla team executed it with a blend of expertise and commitment that showcased our proficiency in data migration services. We have now migrated a number of firms from Osprey’s case management system.

Our reputation for successfully handling numerous data migrations, including many from Osprey as well as other systems, instilled a sense of confidence in Smart Legal’s decision to choose us for this vital transition. Our history of delivering results without disruptions and our capability to navigate data-intensive transfers underscored our dedication to a seamless transition.

Of noteworthy mention is the way the migration was flawlessly executed without causing any downtime. Recognising the significance of uninterrupted business operations, we devised a meticulous plan to complete the migration over a single weekend, which is our typical approach to all migrations. This tactical approach ensured a swift and efficient transition, enabling the Smart Legal team to seamlessly integrate into the new Hoowla system without any hitches.

The immediate impact was felt by Smart Legal as they were able to embrace Hoowla’s platform post-migration first thing on a Monday morning. With an intuitive interface and comprehensive features at their disposal, our platform not only allowed Smart Legal to continue their operations but also empowered them to enhance their workflows and elevate their client service standards. The successful transfer of every piece of data validated the effectiveness of our migration process. Most importantly all Smart Legal’s historic postings were copied penny for penny, no balance brought forward on live matters but rather a complete copy of archived and live ledgers.

Mahinan Pathmanathan at Smart Legal, says,

“We are delighted with how Hoowla handled the migration of data and very much look forward to working with the Hoowla team for many years to come.”

Our teams’ competence in managing data-rich migrations, coupled with their unwavering dedication to customer success, has set a new industry standard. Our ability to consistently replicate success across diverse migration projects, regardless of the source platform, underscores our commitment to delivering excellence.

Adam Curtis, Managing Director of Hoowla, says,

“Having Smart Legal join Hoowla’s full case management and accounts system from Osprey is amazing. The team at Smart Legal are really organised and know exactly what they want to achieve as a business and from their case management system. I am looking forward to working with them over many years.”

Smart Legal’s transition from Osprey to Hoowla emerges as a true success story in the realm of legal case management migrations. Our adept handling of the intricacies of this complex migration, coupled with our impeccable track record, ensured that Smart Legal’s operations experienced a seamless transition and a subsequent enhancement. This migration experience solidifies Hoowla’s position as a reliable partner for law firms seeking to navigate transitions seamlessly and amplify operational efficiency.

To learn more about migrating data from your existing case management system to Hoowla, you can book a free, no-obligation case management demo with our Managing Director, Adam Curtis.

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