SLC announces launch of alternative PI insurance policy

SLC announces launch of alternative PI insurance policy

The Society of Licensed Conveyancers (SLC) has announced it has arranged with R K Harrison Insurance Services Limited (RKH) to offer a Society of Licensed Conveyancers Policy Scheme for Professional Indemnity insurance.

The Scheme, which carries exactly the same coverage as the existing PI Master Policy for Licensed Conveyancers, is provided by Lloyds of London insurers. The Scheme is open to all Licensed Conveyancer firms who are encouraged to submit their 2015 proposal form (that which has been/is being submitted to the Master Policy providers will be acceptable) and any up to date claims information to [email protected].

RKH will then provide a quotation. The quotation will show two premiums, the full premium and a discounted premium for firms where all their Licensed Conveyancers are members of SLC. If the firm would like to proceed with the quote, opt out forms will need to be completed and sent to the Council for Licensed Conveyancers (CLC) for their approval. Blank opt out forms can be obtained either directly from the CLC or else through the Society by contacting [email protected].

Simon Law, SLC Chairman said: “We hope that both members and the wider Licensed Conveyancer community will take advantage of this new PI Insurance policy where it makes sense to do so. We are delighted to be working with RKH and believe that the introduction of the Society’s scheme will ensure that Licensed Conveyancers are getting the best possible deal to meet their PI needs.

“We hope that the provision of this scheme demonstrates the commitment of the Society to work for and on behalf of the profession. We believe that the discount offered to firms whose Licensed Conveyancers are all members of the Society will be a further stepping stone in the growth of the SLC. In turn this means the Society can do more and more for the benefit of the profession.”

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