SearchFlow launches its new brand identity and website

SearchFlow launches its new brand identity and website

SearchFlow unveils its new brand identity and website as it brings further innovative conveyancing search solutions to the market.

SearchFlow’s rebrand and positioning as the specialist in ‘property intelligence’ is a response to new technological advancements and the changing market needs within the conveyancing and wider property sector.

The rebranded website includes a new search ordering platform which is much more intuitive and user-friendly and will reduce conveyancers’ time spent selecting and processing searches. The new platform also offers an enhanced risk highlighting system, enabling users to easily identify the potential risks within an area and therefore the required products, to aid compliance and save time on due diligence.

Highlights of the new search ordering platform are:

  • A new case management screen to improve efficiency of tracking and progressing searches
  • New icons and notification icons that make the system easier to use and more intuitive
  • A new risk highlighting matrix on the search ordering page; powered by Landmark Information Group’s relevancy tool
  • Simplification and improved navigation of product list
  • Accurate boundaries automatically identified when you place an order
  • Streamlined system to obtain instant quotes on prices.

Greg Bryce, Managing Director of SearchFlow, comments: “SearchFlow has been operating in the market for over 25 years and is the market leading provider of conveyancing search solutions. As part of dmgi::land&property group,SearchFlow has the investment backing and access to unique sources of data that will enable the company to deliver forward-thinking solutions for bespoke reporting.

“We are now thrilled to be moving forward under our new distinctive brand. With our highly knowledgeable and dedicated support team, expertise in big data analysis and progressive technology, we will provide a truly integrated, simplified, trusted and efficient service to the conveyancing industry. Our rebrand marks the start of an exciting year in which we will continue to deliver new services and products to meet the changing requirements of the wider property sector.”

Kris Clark, Head of Products at SearchFlow, comments: “We are dedicated to building new products that use the latest technological advancements to meet the evolving needs of conveyancers. The new search platform offers unrivalled benefits using unique data sets and a leading industry relevancy tool.

“Last year, we were paving the way as the first search provider to integrate the Land Registry’s national dataset with our auto-mapping feature. We also launched ourenhanced Personal Search service with postcode enabled search and user-friendly reporting designed to help conveyancers quickly pinpoint risks. Now we are launching our new search platform and we are again delivering on our brand promise. We are looking forward to rolling out further products that capitalise on our ability to access comprehensive and unique datasets.”

Designed by Industry, an award winning global brand consultancy, SearchFlow’s eye-catching owl logo cleverly symbolises the world of property conveyancing. With magnifying lenses for eyes, the owl surveys the landscape below, embodied in its wings.

Sholto Lindsay–Smith, Director of Industry, comments: “The all-seeing owl with its ability to skilfully scan the land, its astute senses, and binocular and wide field of vision, was the natural icon to illustrate SearchFlow’s accurate and comprehensive property search and survey solutions. It is a bold and distinctive brand and we have been encouraged by the positive response to the owl brand in the early market testing.”

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SearchFlow is the UK’s largest provider of legal due diligence data for residential and commercial property transactions. Since its formation, it has supported over 5,000,000 instructions and delivered 26,000,000 searches; this equates to around 1 in every 4 property transactions in the UK.

SearchFlow recognises that proactively supporting each client’s journey is vital to delivering the right due diligence insights, searches, data, surveys and insurance for every transaction – whether a single residential property or a complex commercial portfolio. Via its advanced online ordering platform and backed-up by an award-winning customer service team, SearchFlow supports clients in delivering the conveyancing solutions needed to manage due diligence risk and achieve compliance.

By partnering with SearchFlow, property law professionals in the UK can deliver smarter, safer, and faster property transactions to their customers.

Based in Kent, SearchFlow is a Landmark Information Group business, which is part of DMGT plc.

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