Searches UK welcome mining experts Terrafirma to the conveyancing market

Searches UK welcome mining experts Terrafirma to the conveyancing market

Searches UK are excited to introduce Terrafirma Mine Searches to the property market and are delighted to offer their full range of mining searches as part of Searches UK’s portfolio of residential and commercial conveyancing searches.

Terrafirma are the UK’s only Local Mining Experts, able to accurately and comprehensively identify and assess the risk to your client’s property or land from past, present and planned mining and mineral extraction.

Their revolutionary three-tier search system is the first to screen a property for the risk from over 35 minerals extracted across England and Wales; including fracking, coal, metalliferous, chalk, limestone and clay, as well as many more.

The innovative search system is split into three stages:

  • The Certificate of Mining Risk: An instant, expert and cost effective answer to whether your client’s property is within an area of risk from past, present and planned mineral extraction. This certificate is derived from Terrafirma’s unrivalled database, which is being constantly updated by their dedicated team of geologists in their Research & Development department.
  • The Mineral Extraction Search Report: The only search report available on the conveyancing market to screen the risk to property from over 35 minerals extracted across England and Wales. This ‘All in One’ report is aimed at mitigating risk to property, even in areas of historical, present and planned mining and mineral extraction, providing concise conclusions and a ‘Risk Zone’ search plan.
  • The Interpretative Mine Search Report: Terrafirma’s most detailed and comprehensive mining search, only necessary when a property has been identified to be at a High Risk from mining related subsidence. This report is unique, in that it is produced and includes interpretations by the country’s leading mining geologists, as well as a detailed search plan and professional recommendations to Terrafirma’s national network of ground specialists for further action, including physical investigation and remediation.

Lisa Summerton, Sales & Marketing Director, of Searches UK said:

“We’re extremely pleased to be able to offer these searches as part of our selection of conveyancing searches. These detailed searches can be added to any pack and, as always, clients will be fully supported by our informed and dedicated team. Terrafirma provide detailed information about a variety of mining issues and are an essential part of the conveyancing process to fully expose any risk relating to a property. We very much look forward to working with Terrafirma and are delighted to partner with another environmental expert in the property industry.”

Tom Backhouse, Managing Director, of Terrafirma Mine Searches said:

“We founded Terrafirma with the simple goal of changing the face of ground stability searches in the conveyancing market. With mining-related sinkholes and collapse becoming more common and an increasingly visible threat to property and land, Terrafirma was built around the sole aim of providing accurate, efficient and, most importantly, expert solutions to keep property sales moving.

“Providing the first and only search reports to screen a property for the risk from all mining and mineral extraction-related risks, Terrafirma’s reports include; coal, chalk, gypsum, metalliferous, fracking, clay, limestone, sandstone, iron, silica sand and many more. Our reports are generated by industry leading geologists, who use their unrivalled expertise and Terrafirma’s bespoke mineral extraction database is continuously developed by our unique partnership with Bristol University’s geology students.

“Terrafirma’s Mine Search Suite offers a very different approach to conventional commodity-specific mining searches and current environmental search reports which rely on outdated datasets. As mining-related collapse becomes more common, and in areas that were not previously associated with mining, such as recently in St Albans and Newcastle, it is now essential that property and land is screened by experts for the risk from past, present and planned mineral extraction. Terrafirma provide a complete solution, ensuring property or land receives the most accurate risk assessment available to the conveyancing market, as well as providing the necessary further steps through our growing national network of ground investigation and remediation experts.

“We are excited to work with Searches UK, who are at the forefront of innovative solutions in the conveyancing market. Searches UK are committed to their clients and will help us deliver a streamlined conveyancing process for solicitors and conveyancers. By adding our search suite to Searches UK’s range of residential and commercial property searches, we are confident that together, we can provide expert solutions to an increasingly common threat to property and land.”

For more information about any of the products and services from Searches UK visit their website and follow them on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+. Alternatively call them directly on 0800 043 1815 or email them at [email protected] to speak to one of their dedicated team today.

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