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The (r)evolution of the consumer legal services market

In the first epsiode of the second series of the Today’s Conveyancer Podcast host David Opie is joined by Muve CEO David Jabbari.

David was part of one of the first Alternative Business Structures (ABS) to be launched following the Legal Services Act, dubbed “Tesco Law.” At the time it was feared the Act would precipitate the death of the high street lawyer as it lowered the barrier to entry for established consumer brands to enter the law and set up firms to cater for their customers.

The reality was it didn’t happen, and in this podcast we explore some of the reasons why as David discusses his own experience at Parabis, who were one of the first law firms to secure private equity funding and were closely associated with Saga at the time.

David also discusses technology, innovation and unbundling; the process by which conveyancing is increasingly seen as a standalone, commoditised service.

He also share his thoughts on the current state of the conveyancing market and offers up some predictions for what might happen in 2023 and beyond.

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