Report Claims Law Firms Are Ignoring Potential Clients For Days

Report Claims Law Firms Are Ignoring Potential Clients For Days

In a time when regulatory reforms are creating an increasingly competitive and hostile environment, it is shocking that some law firms are ignoring potential enquiries.

The recent research, by Insight6, a customer experience expert, sought mystery shoppers and asked them to make contact with fifty law firms through their websites and phone systems.

The mystery shoppers then collated their findings. They were asked to rank their first contact experience, the firm’s desire to convert the enquiry into actual business and the customer experience and feeling of each firm.

If the firm were unavailable on the phone and when they were using the website, the mystery shoppers were instructed to ask the companies to phone them back. Staggeringly, 23% of the 50 legal service providers waited more than 48 hours to make contact.

Astonishingly, one of the shoppers asked over three times for the person’s name, only to be told “it doesn’t matter because I am going to lunch.”

Many of the shoppers were also concerned by the lack of clarity and understanding they were offered by the legal service companies as too much jargon was used during the conversation. Many would have preferred the company using a more understandable and simplistic choice of words.

That being said, 66% of the respondents gave the firms a minimum figure of eight out of ten when asked if they would recommend to a friend, highlighting the quality service that was on offer.

Qamar Anwar, First4Lawyers Managing Director, said: “The quality of service, from the moment the phone rings or the email pings, is crucial. This is especially important given legal regulators efforts to encourage consumers to shop around for a lawyer.

“The dynamics between lawyer and client are changing. Consumers are just one click away from seeing a competitor brand. Firms now need to be doing everything they can to stand out from that competition.”

One potential concern for legal service providers moving forward was the impression that only half of the mystery shoppers thought that the legal firms wanted the new business. The shoppers were impressed with the companies that were highlighting how they are adding value for the client or suggesting how the customer and the firm could move things forward. The importance of pursuing leads and emphasising why the firm’s service offers value for money is seen to be a crucial factor for consumers.

How effective is your company with converting enquiries into potential business? Do you know of firms that are losing out because they are struggling to act quickly enough? Are you highlighting your skills and expertise enough when talking to potential customers?

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