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The real truth about review platforms

In this latest Today’s Conveyancer Podcast host David Opie is joined by Simon Brown and Ben Marley,  CEO and Commercial Director of review specialists The ESTAS to discuss the ins and out of review platforms. 

Increasingly review and recommendation platforms dominate many of our buying decisions. Think about and TripAdvisor for holidays,  Facebook and LinkedIn for recommendations,  and of course Google reviews for many of our day-to-day consumer needs.

And it is increasingly on the agenda for our regulators, whose efforts to create greater transparency has resulted in the requirement to provide more information around fees on our websites. Indeed falling foul of these regulatory responsibilities will land you with financial penalties.

So why hasn’t the legal sector bought in to review platforms in the same way that, for example, the estate agency sector has; where 70-80% of estate agents are now using at least one online review platform. For conveyancers, review platforms remain a “nice to have” rather than a necessity.

Providing their insight into this conundrum Simon and Ben share some frightening statistics which should encourage practitioners to  consider the potential impact on their business.

  • Only 1 in 4 verbal recommendations result in direct contact
  • 70% of a consumer’s buying decision has already been made before they contact you because of the availability of online due diligence.

Listen in to this entertaining discussion to explore more about the real truth of review platforms.

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