Practice Directions: Upper Tribunal Lands Chamber

The Judiciary have shared the Practice Directions made by the Chamber President of the Upper Tribunal, Lands Chambers, Mr Justice Edwin Johnson. 

These Practice Directions explain the Tribunals’ approach to managing various types of disputes and apply to all parties (including those representing themselves) and are made with the approval of the Senior President of Tribunals and the Lord Chancellor given under section 23(5) of the 2007 Act.

The Upper Tribunal, Lands Chamber is responsible for handling appeals against decisions made by:

  • First-tier Tribunal (Property Chamber)
  • Residential Property Tribunal in Wales
  • Leasehold Valuation Tribunal in Wales

They are also responsible for handling applications for cases about:

  • a decision about rates made by the Valuation Tribunal in England or Wales
  • compensation for the compulsory purchase of land
  • discharge or modification of land affected by a ‘restrictive covenant’
  • compensation for the effect on land affected by public works
  • a tree preservation order
  • compensation for damage to land damaged by subsidence from mining
  • the valuation of land or buildings for Capital Gains Tax or Inheritance Tax purposes
  • a ‘right to light’ dispute
  • compensation for blighted land
  • Electronic Communication Code – disputes involving masts and other telecommunications equipment on land.

Read the Practice Directions here.

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