Planning Alerts – Protection against Negligence Claims

Planning Alerts – Protection against Negligence Claims

Solicitors today face a range of challenges, including the ever present threat of negligence claims and rising PI premiums.

An example in point is the recent case of a solicitor who was ordered to pay £1.8m in compensation for failing to inform their client of a nearby development. “Global Firm Negligent Over £25m Property Advice” – Law Society Gazette 29/06/2015

Planning Alerts can now guard against this type of risk. A Planning Alert is an automatic warning that a planning application exists, which may affect your client’s potential purchase.

The Planning Alert will recommend if an appropriate planning search is necessary. This can then be given to the client thus protecting the solicitor from any potential negligence claim.

Planning Alerts are categorised into 4 different types:

  • Small Residential – less than 10 dwellings
  • Large Residential – either unclassified or larger than 10 dwellings
  • Small Commercial – developments less that 250m squared.
  • Large Commercial – developments over 250m squared

How Searchpoint can help:

With Searchpoint all properties are automatically screened against 20 potential hazards including Planning, Flood, Infrastructure Projects and Energy Schemes.

Audit Trail

A Search Alert Report can be given to your client as evidence of the screening done. This shows the 20 hazards that the property has been screened for and the results which are shown in a clear traffic light display.

Not only does this reflect well on the solicitor but it also shows where an additional search is recommended.

Should any problems occur you will have hard evidence of your due diligence and any PI claim can be defended. See example case study here: Plansearch Plus – Bird & Bird

For more information on our Search Alert Service please visit our website: or contact Tony Clarke (Director) on 0845 680 5608. To register with Searchpoint open a User Account here.

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