Ntitle’s Director Nicola Ashley warns about ‘decline in experienced conveyancers’

The Conveyancing Industry has been shrinking for some time now. In the last twenty years we have been through a recession where there were large numbers of redundancies followed by a global pandemic, so it

In an uncertain economic climate and where competition for business is stronger than ever, we need to ask ourselves how we can stand out from the crowd to secure new business and nurture our existing

In celebration of four successful years, Title Investigation Service, ntitle, have today launched their rebrand and new website. Changing the Conveyancing Landscape,one title Investigation at a time. Collaborating with Gwillym Cox from Joy Creative, Nicola

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) really does feel like it’s everywhere within the Conveyancing Industry at the moment. A tidal wave of companies claim they are now using the ‘best’ AI technology to improve and streamline the

The last few months have been incredible, with two Award wins as well as a highly commended accolade. Our latest award success came at the Leap Modern Law Conveyancing Awards, winning Service Provider of the

Conveyancing is a profession that requires a meticulous attention to detail, the ability to deal with complex matters, constant client contact, as well as managing many parties involved in a transaction. The profession no longer

As the leaves turn from green to red and gold and the mornings have that cold crisp air, we know Autumn has officially begun. While this season is known for its cozy evenings and beautiful

ntitle’s 48-hour Service Level Agreement (SLA) can make a significant difference to conveyancing departments/firms for many reasons. There is a noticeable movement of firms looking to outsourced services to manage their caseloads as well as

Conveyancing is a legal maze that requires the guidance of professionals to navigate successfully. For most individuals the purchase of a property represents one of the most significant financial transactions in their lives. However, beyond

When buying a house, there are many important factors for the buyer to consider, including; property prices, upcoming hotspots and the geographical location of the property. These different factors can affect the value of the

In a world increasingly focused on reducing carbon footprints and promoting eco-conscious living, the property market has seen a surge in demand for green homes. Buyers are now more inclined to consider properties that align

By Nicola Ashley and Nicola Davies – Directors at ntitle We have recently been made aware of a situation whereby a lengthy transaction delay was caused by a lender insisting on having a historical rentcharge

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We have seen a considerable increase in the number of new build instructions we have received at ntitle over the past few months. New build property purchases are increasing with the National House Building Council


In the first of a series of case studies on unusual titles by title investigation outsourcing service ntitle, we will be discussing the concept of lease enlargement. What is lease enlargement? The concept of lease

As a Conveyancer, you help clients with the sale and/or purchase of their home but you also become part of their story, which for some clients can come at an incredibly difficult or emotional time


The conveyancing industry is becoming increasingly competitive, many firms are looking for ways to streamline their processes, reduce costs and gain that advantage. One way to achieve this is by outsourcing services, such as title

In light of the Coronation of King Charles III later this week, we have taken the opportunity to consider how much has changed in Conveyancing since the coronation of Elizabeth II in 1953. The modernising


There is no doubt about it. Conveyancing is stressful. We work in a stressful industry. That doesn’t mean we need to be stressed. It’s fair to say that in the last few years many factors

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In March 2023 we celebrate three years since the launch of ntitle and its safe to say, that today’s ntitle is completely different to the ntitle of 2020, at the start of the pandemic. ntitle


Conveyancers really can’t catch a break. Whether it’s legislative changes (looking at you Overseas Entities and the Building Safety Act), a volatile market (mortgage rates), a fiercely competitive market for clients leading to ridiculously low