Online lawyer search website launches

Online lawyer search website launches

We announced last August that an online search tool would be coming to market.

The site has now launched in the London area and will roll out across the UK in the next few months.

Lawyers are able to register for no charge to the site which will launch to consumers in April 2013.

Mr Lawyer has said they are looking to ensure that there is a diverse range of lawyers registered on the website as suppliers of legal services before the public launch.

Lawyers are able to create profiles on the website and get used to how the site works, as well as give lay clients a good choice of lawyers to choose from when looking to give instructions.

This period of time will also allow solicitors to give feedback on the service.

The team behind the site say that it is as simple to use as Facebook or LinkedIn, and that they are happy to go into firms to show them what to do to get the best out of Mr Lawyer.

Mr Lawyer is free to join until the end of 2013, and lawyers will only have to pay a fee if hired by a lay client.  

full breakdown is available on the how it works page.

After the end of this subscription-free period, a monthly subscription of £24.99 will become payable which lawyers can cancel their subscription quickly and easily if they don’t wish to continue to use the service.

We asked Onkar Singh, director of Mr Lawyer what the site would be doing to prevent the risk of fraudsters posing as firms on the site.He said all details would be cross referenced with the records held by the Law Society for newly registered solicitors and three monthly reviews of existing solicitors would take place to ensure they were still practicing.

Lawyers can click the "Are you a lawyer? Join now" link on the homepage to get started.

Will you be making use of the site? We’d be really interested to hear from anyone using it what they think.

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