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O’Neill Patient Solicitors to use LMS Secure Link Workspace for stakeholder communication

O’Neill Patient Solicitors (ONP), one of the largest conveyancing firms in the UK, today announces that it will be utilising LMS Secure Link Workspace as a preferred  method for law firm to law firm communication and enquiry management.

The roll out is already underway, with LMS uniquely positioned to deliver on the law firm’s requirement of one centralised platform that drives end to end management of the conveyancing process. With efficiency and security already at the heart of the Secure Link offering, LMS wanted to drive further innovation by building technology in collaboration with the industry to function as a centralised, agnostic platform. As such, authenticated users can drive transparency and efficient stakeholder communication. Secure Link will allow stakeholders on both sides of the transaction to have full visibility of all case updates that are recorded, stored and updated on the hub in real time automatically. This removes the need for manual updates, constant admin and rekeying of information which takes time and is prone to mistakes.

ONP’s adoption saw the value of LMS’ solution which will improve its own processing of cases by reducing admin and fraud risk as well as streamlining case updates for all stakeholders, but it will also drive the adoption of the technology across the industry as it looks to effect change. The technology continues to be developed in line with feedback and law firm demand and is available to the whole conveyancing community to provide an efficient and effective communication channel for all involved with each case journey.

With the largest network of authenticated users in the UK, consisting of over 4,000 law firms and 60,000 registered users, LMS can already cater for this need, ensuring no extra work is needed for any firm to work with ONP, while the latter is driving the adoption of digitised end to end conveyancing.

Travis Scholes, Commercial Director at LMS, comments:

“ONP has been absolutely instrumental in the launch of this exciting iteration of Secure Link and we’re delighted the team want to use it as their preferred method for communication in the conveyancing journey moving forward – it’s a real testament to the technology we’re worked so hard on in conjunction with all the law firm feedback on their greatest pain points. Tapping into Secure Link allowed us to drive such innovation much more quickly without compromising on quality and we continue on our mission to reduce risk and connect the right people safely and easily throughout the conveyancing journey. The roll out across the entire business for ONP is proof that we can scale it at speed in a robust way. With multiple other firms also taking part in the initial trial, we’ve proven the value of the platform and the hope is that we will see further adoption from the law firm community.

Thanks to the whole team at ONP who have been brilliant to work with and who really understand the LMS vision of collaboration to make the industry better and more efficient for all.”

Mark Tosetti, Group Partnership Director at O’Neill Patient Solicitors, adds:

“The dedication and commitment of LMS in driving innovation to streamline and digitise the conveyancing journey for all stakeholders is clear to see with the launch of its new Secure Link Workspace. But it is not just launching tech for the sake of it – the whole team at LMS really listened to the issues we faced and built a platform that addressed them for us and we’re already seeing the benefits. That’s why Secure Link is now our preferred method of communication.I  It delivers the efficiency and security in conveyancing that is so vital, and the collaborative nature and partnership  in working with LMS is second to none. We look forward to seeing a whole community of firms taking advantage and driving change across the board.”

This article was submitted to be published by LMS as part of their advertising agreement with Today’s Conveyancer. The views expressed in this article are those of the submitter and not those of Today’s Conveyancer.

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