OFR application provider partners with Quill

OFR application provider partners with Quill

Quill Pinpoint has formed a unique alliance with risk and compliance software provider, Riliance Software Limited, to offer their 600-strong client base an affordable and easy-to-use solution for managing the professional obligations defined within the new SRA Handbook.
With recent reminders from the Solicitors Regulation Authority that the outcomes-focused regulation regime demands more than just a tick box approach to the indicative behaviours, the Riliance product gives firms a robust structure for safely managing their day-to-day operations. 

Justin Edwards, Sales Director at Riliance Software, explains how Riliance was developed to “assist the heavily regulated legal sector to reduce the ever-increasing time spent on risk and compliance issues”.
“The October-released publication states that practices must appoint designated employees in compliance officer roles by an end of March deadline”, comments Justin.  “This gives individuals extra responsibilities to be managed on top of their existing role.  We’ve calculated that this added workload could lessen practicing lawyers’ fee earning capacity by as much as 50%.  The purpose of Riliance is to limit this burden to manageable proportions as firms can simply not afford to experience such a significant loss of income or to employ new members of dedicated compliance officer staff”.
“We’ve chosen Quill Pinpoint as our first partner because of their well established, strong presence in the marketplace.  Riliance complements perfectly the Quill award-holding software and service suite, all designed to assist with compliant practice and legal accounts management”, he concludes.
John Donigan, Sales & Marketing Manager at Quill Pinpoint, confirms that they are now actively promoting the Riliance “hand-holding product” to their clients as “a controlling tool for the SRA regulations”.
“Riliance is a web-based system that helps practices to really engage with the principles and outcomes of the Handbook.  It needs no local installation, no ongoing maintenance, no training and costs a minimum monthly fee”, he says.  “Bearing in mind the cost savings which can be achieved in terms of decreased time spent on compliance management tasks and potential reductions in professional indemnity cover, an avenue currently being explored by the Riliance team, purchasing the software is a sound business investment”.
“We advise our clients to speak to us to obtain further information on how the software works and the benefits it delivers.  Once they have access to Riliance, they’ll never look back.  We anticipate a long and successful relationship with Riliance Software”, he concludes.

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