Ochresoft publishes cloud computing paper for the legal sector

Ochresoft publishes cloud computing paper for the legal sector

Conveyancing workflow specialist OchreSoft has published a comprehensive white paper on cloud computing and its future role within the legal services market.
Written by CTO Tony Kenyon, it seeks to define, in layman’s terms, what cloud computing is and how it differs from traditional computing models.  Demystifying some of the more technical terminology, Tony looks at the market for cloud solutions and sets out the significant initial and long-term benefits of adopting cloud technology for organisations and their users.  
He also acknowledges and addresses the perceived downsides of cloud computing which can often be a barrier to those considering cloud adoption.  The paper includes a review of the perceived risks and Ochresoft’s approach to mitigating those risks.
Setting out the three notable cloud computing service types, Tony introduces Intelliworksâ„¢ – the only content-enabled workflow solution based solely in the cloud. He goes on to discuss the specific additional advantages delivered by Intelliworksâ„¢ over and above the already compelling benefits of moving to a cloud solution. 
The white paper can be found at http://www.ochresoft.com/CloudPaper



Ochresoft’s "Intelliworks" is market-leading case management software, built by lawyers for lawyers, covering all aspects of compliance and risk management.

Ochresoft is the leading CMS provider with the legal and regulatory expertise to ensure that its content-rich workflows are always current and incorporate the latest legal content and best practice standards, delivered in real time. Intelliworks workflows are updated whenever there is a change in law, regulation, or best practice. 

Ochresoft is part of Landmark Information Group Ltd; the international property information division of the Daily Mail General Trust (DMGT). Sister companies include leading brands in this arena such as SearchFlow and OneSearch Direct.

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