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New build conveyancing: ‘It’s like putting a puzzle together’

To mark the start of National New Homes week, Aconveyancing’s Samantha Burrows talks about why this section of the industry is so exciting and what makes a great new build conveyancer.

“New build conveyancing comes with tighter deadlines and higher expectations. It requires quick thinking and attention to detail with clients that often have very high expectations as they make preparations for their brand new property. So, when our trainees ask – why would they want to specialise in new build? I explain that while it can be challenging, it’s also the most rewarding, as there is no better feeling than handing over keys to the new home they’ve spent time and money planning for.

Client comes first

New build is a great area of conveyancing because it allows fee earners to develop strong relationships with developers, leading to long-term workstreams and projects. However, it’s really important for new build conveyancers to remind themselves that despite these great working relationships, their interest lies with the client at all times. It’s the client that pays our bill, not the developer.

This is our client’s new home and they want it to be perfect, which can often come with higher expectations than buyers of older properties who are willing to accept the faults to fix at a later date. This can often mean that realistic expectations have to be managed on both sides – client and developer.

Confidence to push back

To manage expectations, the conveyancer has to have to confidence to push back when needed. It can take a while to trust your instincts as a new build conveyancer, of course that comes with time and experience so for new starters in the area, and I always encourage them to question the detail if something doesn’t add up. It’s always ok if every detail has been considered and something doesn’t add up, to question it. Confidence comes with good communication, so I encourage our trainees to speak to people on the phone rather than exchanging emails where possible – it both saves time and often confusion.

You’re often playing detective

I always say to our trainees that becoming a great new build conveyancer is a bit like being a detective – having to put together the pieces of a puzzle. From the site plan, plot plan, footpaths, water, waste and access through to covenants for the client to check and agree. There are many moving parts, and it requires real attention to detail to check each one off. Making lists is a great way to get organised – never underestimate the power of a list!

New home week runs from 27th February – 3rd March and is a great way to promote the benefit of new home purchases to the wider market. For more information on Aconveyancing, visit

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