NAVRO Compliance Unveils ‘ART’ – Automated Report on Title

NAVRO Compliance Unveils ‘ART’ – Automated Report on Title

NAVRO Compliance is thrilled to introduce a ground-breaking solution, ‘ART’ – Automated Report on Title, a time-saving innovation set to transform the landscape of conveyancing.

In conveyancing, being efficient and accurate is crucial. Our new ART software is designed specifically for the legal industry and transforms how Reports on Title and Searches are created and managed.

No more spending hours compiling data manually. With the ART software, conveyancers can easily generate comprehensive reports, automating time-consuming tasks while allowing them to focus on their expertise.

A key feature is its ability to collate all information in one place, from property details to ownership history, saving time and reducing errors. The software also offers advanced compliance functions, making it easier to identify potential issues.

ART not only simplifies the creation process but also improves collaboration among team members. Multiple users can work on a report simultaneously, dividing tasks and ensuring timely completion.

In essence, ART is a game-changer in conveyancing, automating tasks, centralising information, improving accuracy, and promoting collaboration to optimise workflow and deliver exceptional service.

Key Features of ART:

Dynamic Data Integration:

Extracts and integrates data from Land Registry Registers and Local Authority Searches automating the creation of property reports in minutes.

Environmental Reports Integration:

Works seamlessly with all environmental reports from ALL suppliers, providing independence and flexibility in report selection.

Built-in LC-5 UK Finance Lender Part 2 Check:

Facilitates compliance with new CQS standards, offering a traceable link to the latest Part 2’s for each lender, ensuring readiness for future compliance audits.

Interim Report Creation and Issuance:

Enables the easy creation and issuance of interim reports, streamlining client communication and providing traceable authority for files.

Drainage Searches Integration:

Interrogates, extracts, and inserts key information from CON29DW and Regulated Drainage Searches, ensuring comprehensive and accurate reporting.

Interrogation/integration with TA6 Forms, Mortgage Offers & Survey Reports:

An evolving tool that adapts with time, integrating more forms and reports used in daily operations.

Unique Bespoke Template Automation, “A Game Changer”:

ART will give you a “Global” Freehold and Leasehold template to work with. For practices that have developed their own, ART can program all the automation into your reports.

How ART Will Transform Your Workflow:

  • Saves significant time in report creation and data extraction.
  • Enhances compliance with industry standards.
  • Facilitates efficient client communication.
  • Offers a dynamic and evolving solution tailored to your needs.
  • Reduce PI claims.
  • Reduce PI premiums.
  • Fully customisable library of entries.

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Navro Compliance

Navro Compliance Ltd was created out of a need for Conveyancers to keep pace with the ever-changing Lender Part II requirements. The move to UK Finance means lenders have access to make changes to their part II’s 24/7 and it seems that they are doing this on a regular basis. Furthermore, were you aware that UK Finance do not keep a database of when any changes are made! This is the reason that the first product created is the new LC-5 report on the part II’s of the handbook. We scan the database at least 4 times a day to capture any amendments.  Clients usually run a report on the day of instruction and at a minimum just before exchange to make sure there have been no changes, although we allow up to five updates on each case that is created. The results are shown in a clear format with any new wording highlighted in red alongside the old wording so that these can be compared. This allows them to keep a copy on their case files for any PI or audit issues and minimises the risk to the firm. Most clients would order the LC-5 report through their search provider or case management system although the report is available via Navro direct on a standalone basis. A number of other compliance products and services are at various stages of planning and build which would further enhance the relationship with Conveyancers. Key Services

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