MyNestBox announces rebrand ahead of its first search product for conveyancers

Martello, the instant search provider formerly known as MyNestBox, is excited to announce its rebrand and the launch of its new website, signalling its growth and investment in the conveyancing industry over the past three years.

With its first search from the pack, the Martello Residential Environment Report, set to launch in the next eight weeks, Martello is determined to tackle the ongoing issue of delays experienced in search result returns head on.

In a world where tech, data, and AI are becoming increasingly important in legal services, Martello are leading the curve by providing data in real time and in a consumable format for conveyancers and solicitors. The company’s data is available as a pre-prepared report or an API data feed, making it accessible to all parties involved in the property industry.

About the team

Martello’s CEO, Dr Henry Crosby PhD, is a Geospatial Data Scientist with over 10 years of experience contributing to and leading the development of several disruptive products in the Proptech sector. He is widely recognised for his published authorship in top geospatial journals for his work on automated valuation models for UK residential properties. As co-founder, Henry set up Martello (formerly MyNestBox) in 2020 after experiencing delays of 12 weeks for his lawyer to receive his searches. His conversations with dozens of conveyancers and investment from a large majority of them spurred the creation of Martello.

Co-founder and CTO, Adam Rogers, was drawn to Martello’s mission and vision when he met Henry in 2020. With over 15 years’ experience as an entrepreneur and software engineer, Adam had always been puzzled by the complexity of creating property searches. Previously, he has worked on large-scale development projects for companies such as Channel 4.

Martello has assembled a lean team of intelligent and vision-led individuals who are as determined and stubborn as any disruptive startup needs to be. The team includes IT and GIS professionals from IBM, EE, BT, and the local authorities responsible for delays in the conveyancing and search sectors. As the company continues to grow, Martello have industry experts from the conveyancing and search sectors due to join the team in the coming months.

Dr Henry Crosby PhD, CEO of Martello

Dr Henry Crosby PhD, CEO of Martello, said:

“Offering both speed and accuracy of data, particularly with searches, has been a long-standing challenge for the conveyancing sector. It’s time to bring this data into the 21st century and make it instant and accessible.”

Dr Crosby emphasises that Martello’s team of specialists have the experience and dedication to make the entire search pack in real time a reality, ensuring that clients have the information they need sooner and in a more meaningful way, so that that completion times and risk of error are both reduced on a large scale.

In fact, since their most recent fundraise – which included business angels from five of the top 150 conveyancing firms, and one of the UKs most prevalent venture capitalists, Fuel Ventures – the team has doubled in size, with each member of Martello bringing a new unique and expert perspective to the aggregation of property risk data for conveyancing reports.

As the conveyancing industry continues to evolve, Martello’s commitment to providing instant search packs and making data accessible to all parties involved will undoubtedly help conveyancers stay competitive whilst providing exceptional service to their clients.

This article was submitted to be published by Martello. The views expressed in this article are those of the submitter and not those of Today’s Conveyancer.

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