MPs call for reintroduction of HIPs for new build homes

MPs call for reintroduction of HIPs for new build homes

The vast majority of home buyers want surveys on new properties according to a poll by YouGov.

The survey also states that new homes are far less popular than older properties, with 49% preferring older properties compared to 19% on new builds.

The All Party Parliamentary Group also made a number of recommendations including the return of HIPs for new homes, as well as the creation of a New Homes Ombudsman and giving buyers the right to inspect and survey properties.

Paula Higgins, Chief Executive of HomeOwners Alliance, said: “The MPs recommendations are spot on. We see day in and day out people having the most appalling time trying to get their new home fixed. A lot of this is due to the rush to build quickly. New home buyers must have the right to inspect their home and to get a full building survey before the keys are handed over. This will be a practical step to encourage builders to deliver homes to their customers and not their shareholders.

“Buying a new home should mean years of worry-free ownership. Yet that is not always how it turns out. A new Homes Ombudsman should help to support owners to get their faulty home fixed. We have also issued today a practical guide on how to get things fixed in your new home.”

Kim Vernau, Chief Executive Officer, BLP Insurance said: “BLP fully supports the APPG review and its headline findings. Transparency coupled with clarity in terms of the contractual requirements of purchasing a home and the quality of the product that the consumer is receiving for their money are fully supported by BLP’s Code for the Sale of New Homes.

“This is a mandatory Code that applies to the majority of clients who require our BLPSECURE policies since 1st June 2015. The right for the Home Buyer to survey the property prior to completion is also a pragmatic step to mitigate the number of issues likely to arise post completion.”

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