Mill causes disruption to house move

Mill causes disruption to house move

Fidler and Pepper Solicitors, who have offices in Sutton, Mansfield and Kirkby, Nottinghamshire, carry out conveyancing and recently had an old mill play havoc with a client’s purchase, leaving them having to source an insurance policy to cover an environmental risk and enable the client’s purchase of their new home to proceed.
Fortunately Fidler & Pepper carried out an environmental search, at a cost of around £40.00 or £50.00, which meant that the past industrial use of the land was revealed in time for a suitable insurance policy to be sourced and put on risk, covering the client, and their lender, against future clean up costs of any industrial waste which could be lurking under the property. 
Clean up costs could run into thousands of pounds per property, as recently reported here, and are usually based on the acreage of the land that the property sits on.
As well as past industrial use Environmental Reports can show whether the property is built on a floodplain or if the property is likely to be affected by unusually high Radon gas levels.
There are still many firms out there that do not carry out environmental searches and Fidler & Pepper believe that this is a risky approach when you are dealing with the largest purchase of someone’s life.
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