Midlands law firm Shakespeare Putsman underpin rapid growth with Pilgrim's LawSoft

Midlands law firm Shakespeare Putsman underpin rapid growth with Pilgrim's LawSoft

Fast growing Birmingham based Shakespeare Putsman has selected LawSoft as a unified platform for its three way merger with Needham & James (Stratford upon Avon) and Berryman (Nottingham), which catapults the practice firmly into the national top 80 with around 450 staff. In order to combine multiple business styles and cultures in a short space of time Shakespeare Putsman has realised that strong technology must underpin its business practices.
Since 1978 Pilgrim Systems plc have been helping law firms to grow their business and achieve their goals. Pilgrim’s flagship product, LawSoft has been adopted by many of the UK’s top legal practices, helping Pilgrim to establish a position as one of the leading providers of Practice Management solutions to the legal profession.
Pilgrim Business Development Manager Matt Fiske-Jackson observes, “This ambitious and forward thinking practice requires a modern, flexible and scalable solution to replace the existing Axxia and TFB solutions. LawSoft’s fully integrated Practice Management solution, and in particular the advanced case management functions, were critical in securing this business.”
Ian Smit, Shakespeare Putsman’s innovative Operations Director comments, “Our firm is entering into a period of substantial growth and the integration of 3 practices is no small task. We needed to be confident that not only was the LawSoft product suitable for our needs, but that we were working with a business we could trust to deliver the solution we require with minimal intervention from our team. Additionally we were seeking to partner with a supplier who is prepared to listen and accommodate the future development requests we will have moving forwards.”
Colin Kennedy, Pilgrim’s COO concludes, “We welcome practices who drive our product development forward and enjoy close interaction with our clients as ultimately this is the basis of the continual innovation that has made LawSoft arguably the UK’s leading Practice Management solution. This not only attracts new clients but ensures the retention of our existing clients – which has a success rate of 100% over the last 5 years”.

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