Martello Partner Spotlight: The Search Bureau

We at Martello are proud to collaborate with a variety of esteemed firms, and The Search Bureau is a distinguished example of such collaboration. Renowned for providing tailor-made and efficient conveyancing search services, The Search Bureau ensures that solutions are customised to fit the unique workflows of their clients. Their commitment to delivering accurate and timely results, coupled with a robust IT system, sets them apart in the conveyancing search market.
Through this partner, clients can seamlessly access Martello’s comprehensive environmental, climate change, and planning reports, enhancing the depth and reliability of their property investigations. Henry Crosby, CEO of Martello, remarks:
“Working with The Search Bureau has been an outstanding experience. Their dedication to client-specific solutions and timely service complements our reports perfectly. They’ve been fast moving, supportive, and really easy to work with”
Rebecca Croxford, Operations Director of The Search Bureau added:
“Having spent some time with Henry and Jess learning the benefits of their enviro proposition, we have found a real opportunity with their Enviro + Climate report. A number of my firms have been looking for cost effective climate change proposition and Martello have produced exactly that. The report has helped us win a new account in the last week as they were told in an audit to advise on climate change so were looking for a new product. It really is a brilliant time for Martello to launch. Their offering is a unique opportunity which has really thought about the conveyancer.”
About The Search Bureau
The Search Bureau prides itself on providing tailored and efficient conveyancing search services for both residential and commercial property transactions. They offer a comprehensive range of products and services, with a strong commitment to their clients, ensuring solutions are customised to fit individual workflows. With powerful IT systems, they streamline the search process, allowing for real-time case monitoring. They are a well-established leader in the market, known for delivering accurate and timely results. Their dedication to personalised service positions them as a valuable partner in the conveyancing process. You can access their services and learn more about their offerings at
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