Martello Partner Spotlight: Property Searches North East

We at Martello really enjoy our collaboration with Property Searches North East (PSNE), so want to shout about it. PSNE are a leading independent provider of conveyancing searches. Celebrating their 20th anniversary since their establishment in 2003, PSNE stands as a beacon of excellence in the property information sector. With a comprehensive suite of conveyancing products and services, they rival national firms in quality and scope.
PSNE’s involvement goes beyond simple service provision; they play a crucial role in property education and networking. They have facilitated the NE Property Collective in collaboration with The Vigeo Property Hub, and their commitment to local communities is evident through their support of the ROC Solid charity. These efforts underscore their dedication to innovation, community, and service excellence​​​​. Their mission aligns perfectly with Martello’s vision, delivering swift, efficient, and precise search services. Their professional and friendly customer support team ensures a seamless search process, fostering an environment of excellence and mutual satisfaction​​.
PSNE’s distinguishing factor lies in their collaborative approach and dedication to helping clients acquire more work. They act as a connecting link between investors, landlords, and local property professionals, cultivating mutually beneficial relationships and tailoring services to individual needs, a stark contrast to the generic approach of many national or international search companies​​.
Henry Crosby, CEO of Martello, comments, “Our partnership with PSNE is a milestone in our journey towards providing comprehensive environmental, and climate change reports. The depth of experience and dedication to quality that PSNE brings to the table enhances our ability to offer thorough and reliable property investigations.”
Michelle Poller, Director of PSNE, adds, “Joining forces with Martello has been great, to work with another independent company focusing on the customers is exactly what we are looking for. This collaboration is timely, especially as the market increasingly seeks effective and cost-efficient solutions in the space of climate change areas. Together, we are set to make significant strides in the conveyancing search market.”
About Property Searches North East
Property Searches North East has carved a niche for itself by offering a one-stop solution for all conveyancing search needs across England and Wales. Their extensive array of search options, coupled with a variety of order and delivery methods, cater to the unique needs of each client. With every transaction, PSNE prides itself on providing unmatched support and counsel, aiming to exceed client expectations and deliver an unparalleled client experience​​.
This article was submitted to be published by Martello. The views expressed in this article are those of the submitter and not those of Today’s Conveyancer.

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