Martello announce the launch of the Residential Environmental Search Report

Martello, the newest entrant to the property searches market is pleased to announce the launch of the Martello Residential Environmental Search Report.

The independent entrant brings together industry experts along with geospatial data scientists and software engineers to create an unrivalled search proposition that has the conveyancing industry at its very heart.

The search compromises all of the relevant sections of a standard environmental report as you would expect i.e. contaminated land, flooding, radon etc but where the report differs is that it is clean, concise and easy to use showing the mapping of the property for each section with the commentary.

We have built it to make it really clear for clients and conveyancers to use.

We have additional benefits as well:

  1. The data can be consumed via an api so that reports to clients can be populated without the need for copy and pasting from conventional PDFs. This standard form is still available to store for compliance and audit purposes and to send on to clients.
  2. Our reports are refreshable so if the searches are running out, our environmental report can be refreshed before exchange without further cost to the client.

The Martello reports (based on feedback from conveyancers), includes a climate change section and we have produced a standalone version without, so it really is down to the choice of the conveyancer which one they wish to use.

Martello – Search Extract

Dr Henry Crosby PhD, co-founder and CEO of Martello, said:

“It is a proud moment today for me and the Martello team to bring this product to market. It has taken a lot of hard work and dedication and we have been faced with a few bumps in the road, but the journey has seen us both strengthen our proposition, our team and our commitment to the market.

In an age that is becoming more and more digital, our tech enabled proposition gives conveyancers the choice on how to consume our products, whether that be through our platform with interactive maps, a JSON file to be consumed into the firms chosen case management system or via PDF the choice is really that of the conveyancer.

We have an ongoing commitment to work with the industry to improve the searches process and we have made the report readily accessible and easy to use. We understand that conveyancers are under immense time pressures, so any relief that we as a supplier can give, I am sure will be welcomed.

We have been in private beta for the last 3 months with a variety of different law firms (from very large to high street and everything in between) along with the searches community which has really helped shape the look and feel especially in regard to our climate change section.”

Our roadmap is already filling up with more great suggestions and we are already working on our next version, which will see the need for additional reports being reduced.

Simon David, Chief Executive of Thomas Legal, added:

“Martello are going about this the right way, they focus on the conveyancer and the problems that we face during and following the search process. Their new environmental report is concise and simple to follow and allows us to refresh and interrogate the data any time. It is truly unique as an offering compared with other products available to lawyers.”

Adele Sagar, Founder & Director of Elan Convey, said:

“We really enjoy working with the team at Martello. They’re always available, open to collaborate and their Environmental reports are simple to use, easy to order and concise, which I love. We are also proud to say that we will be the first platform to integrate with Martello, meaning our customers will be able to access their reports directly through the Elan platform.”

David Francetti, Director of Law Light, commented:

“Martello’s enviro + climate report is concise and easy-to-follow. The team at Martello are always available, helpful and knowledgeable.”

For more information contact Henry Crosby or Jess Green at




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