Managing pre-contract enquiries – a discussion for National Conveyancing Week

Chris Harris, co-founder of tech start-up Collaborative Conveyancing hosts a webinar on the important topic of how we can look to reduce the tension in the conveyancing enquiries process and the impact on cases for conveyancers, estate agents, lenders and consumers.

Joined by a panel of experts including law firm advisor Marion Palmann, Solicitor and MD of Amity and Legal Eye and Director of Lending at Smoove, Paul Saunders, Partner and Head of Residential at Dutton Gregory, Sarah Sams and Technical Director of legal case management provider Redbrick Solutions, Richard Brown; they discuss:

  • What are enquiries?
  • Why does this stage of the transaction take so long and what are the risks?
  • What are the expectations from estate agents, lenders and consumers and how can we educate them?
  • Is there always tension and what can we do to reduce it?
  • Practically, how can we help each other and our teams?
  • What part can technology play and how can law firms use technology to their advantage?

Our panel also reveal that one enquiry that sticks in their mind from “Is there a moat around the property?” to an interesting enquiry regarding a hamster!

With the aim to work together as a profession to improve this stage of the transaction where “very little is cut and dried” we hope this webinar provides context, understanding and some useful insight into the conveyancing enquiries process.

Thank you to our panel for their time in discussing this important topic and to all conveyancers for their help to raise awareness of the profession during National Conveyancing Week.


2 responses

  1. People needs to first understand why they are asking the question. One question that has come up is “Please provide vehicle crossover consent” Crossover consent over what? Why do they feel that need it in the first place with no evidence of works being conducted, in an estate that has been up for 30 years with dropped kerbs over each property and offroad parking/garages for every property. Is the question being asked for the sake of it? Being asked because they have been caught out on it? When questioned, firms repeat the question instead of provided a rationale as to why it has been asked. If you do not understand the question and do not know why you are asking it, don’t ask it! A lot of people are happy to help and answer questions and provide support. But help us help you! Otherwise it ends up in sheer frustration.

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