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Logbook ‘ecosystem’ emerges as RLBA Register gathers momentum

An “ecosystem” around property logbooks is said to be emerging with two new technology providers signing up for integration with the Residential Logbook Association’s Register of Logbooks this week.

A digital property logbook aims to consolidate all the relevant information and data about a property all in one place. This will then remain with the property and support future transactions, and is sometimes described as a “digital companion” for homes.

The Register of Logbooks aims to provide conveyancers with direct access to a verified record of logbooks for UK addresses. Accessible via conveyancers’ systems, it looks to enable the swift exchange of data between vendor logbooks and the buying and selling community, as well as cutting fraud.

This week has seen two new companies join the RLBA’s integration programme for the RLBA Register of Logbooks this week. Firstly adoor, the “House Move Tracking platform”, have integrated with the RLBA Register as part of their implementation of the BASPI data set and the wider Upfront Information framework. Michael Wadsworth, founder of adoor comments:

“As part of our growing Ecosystem connecting conveyancers, agents and brokers alongside their existing systems, it’s vital to have accurate, readily-available information about the property that is easily sharable between the systems and everyone connected to the property. Through the RLBA integration, this information can be collated from an existing Logbook.

The BASPI has done a great job of collating property data both at the point of marketing and through the conveyancing process. Now, the BASPI is expanding to searches and also identifying that a home has a growing list of digital assets to manage in a move. This is where with the RLBA register integration we can populate a Property Logbook instantly. We’re keen to support and promote the user of logbooks and integrate further when the RLBA’s Handover Pack is released”.

A second integration was announced this week with the completion of the first stage of the Homey integration. Homey is a brand new conveyancing platform that has been built with “API-based integration” and “machine-readable data” as core building blocks. Homey founder Sayinthen Vivekanantham commented:

“Homey is a cloud-native conveyancing platform. We were built around the idea of exchanging machine-readable data between partners. Our RLBA integration has now enabled us to join the Digital Deed Pack roll-out with some of our trial conveyancers. So our initial focus has been on registering Logbooks created during home purchases. We have worked with the RLBA Document schema to ensure that we are exchanging recognisable document types between systems and logbooks”.

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