Lead generation vs commission

Paying referral commission fees may seem like an easy win, but you’re limited on the profit you make and the growth you can experience. We’re going to show you why lead generation is the better option for immediate results and long-term business growth.

Finding new business is challenging, with many marketing avenues costing time and money.  Paying referral fees for clients is common in the conveyancing industry, but it can quickly get costly when you’re paying in the thousands for just a few jobs.

Many companies charge over £400 in commission for 1 conveyancing referral. This is not a sustainable model for business growth, acting more as a temporary fix. Lead generation will give you quality clients and the potential to see an impressive return on investment without paying commission fees.

Compare My Move’s business model gives you 50 leads for the same price as 1 commission client. If you only convert 10% of those leads, you get 5 jobs instead of 1. That’s a massive 5x more for the same investment.

You have the potential to convert high and see even more profit from your leads. From direct partner feedback, the majority of our partners convert over 10% of their leads. London law firm, Attwells Solicitors, converts 50% of their Compare My Move leads, winning many new clients.

We provide ongoing support to help you secure more jobs and get the very best out of your leads. Our dedicated Partner Support Team are on hand to answer any queries and offer advice about your account and leads. Their main goal is to provide you with insightful information on how to be successful with your leads.

Our exclusive Partner Help Hub is another way we champion your business. We share tried and tested conversion tactics to help you win more conveyancing jobs. It features insightful tips from our New Business Team on the best way to respond to leads to increase your conversion rate.

You’ll also get a free app where you can buy, view and contact leads, making it easy to manage everything in one place. Our easy-to-use app gives you control over your account and lead settings to make changes quickly and easily. This gives you more time to focus on winning jobs.

Our free Postcode Data Tool within the app gives you all the information you need to better target your conveyancing leads for success. You can view the postcodes near you that are in demand or have low competition and then add or delete these postcodes based on this insightful data.

Learn more about lead generation vs commission here.

Say goodbye to commission fees and hello to jump-starting your business growth today with lead generation. Simply fill out our enquiry form and our New Business Team will be in touch. Alternatively, you can call 02920 660143 or email joinus@comparemymove.com

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