Law Firms Underperforming When Not Face-To-Face

Law Firms Underperforming When Not Face-To-Face

According to mystery shoppers, law firms are underperforming when dealing with clients remotely. The Client Journey Project 2018, which is now in its third year, was conducted earlier this year. It highlights a number of areas where firms could improve the way they handle enquiries.

The UK-wide survey tested 70 legal firms by measuring their responses to walk-in, website and phone enquiries. Mystery shoppers asked for help on a range of common matters including buying a property, Wills and probate and business needs.

The findings from customer experience (cx) specialists Insight6 revealed that:

·         only 7% of firms followed up after a phone enquiry

·         just 18% of clients were informed of the name of the person they were being put through to by the receptionist on phone enquiries

·         79% of firms responded to web enquiries, but just 39% led to a conversation with a fee-earner

·         Just 37% said they would recommend the firm based on their web experiences

·         only 56% found the websites “warm and inviting.

There is better news for face-to-face interactions, with 100% of mystery shoppers finding their treatment by all 70 firms surveyed to be “warm and engaging”. What’s more, following their walk-in experiences, 58% of shoppers said that they would recommend the firms to others and 71% felt that they had spoken to an expert.

However, more work still needs to be done with the survey revealing that:

·         only 25% of clients felt that their meeting with a solicitor was held in a suitably private place

·         only 33% of all walk-in clients felt that they received an ‘added value’ experience

·         0% were asked when would be convenient for them

·         Only 9% of discussions were followed up.

When it comes to law firm websites, there is some good news, with almost all of the researchers (96% for desktop and 91% for mobile) finding the sites easy to navigate. And, when it comes to email responses, 84% found them to be well-written, and 90% found the language used to be jargon-free.

Commenting on the report, Jonathan Winchester, chief executive of Insight6, said: “Simple disciplines such as taking the clients details, being more personal and committing to follow up on the enquiry are easy ways that can drive more conversion and increased turn over into a business.

“While it is not ‘rocket science’, firms need to focus on their own client journeys to ensure they are improved, and then measure it all year round.”

Overall, The Client Journey Project 2018 saw “slight improvements” on the previous year.

You can download the full report here.

As a conveyancer, what is your opinion of this report? Do you think the conveyancing sector need to improve the way they handle enquiries with clients either remotely and/or face-to-face?

Toni Ryder-McMullin

Toni is the Media Officer for Today’s Conveyancer, Today’s Wills & Probate and Today's Family Lawyer.

I worked for a law firm for 16 years, during my time at the firm I worked as a company commercial legal secretary for 7 years but changed careers and moved into marketing for the remaining 9 years – where I covered all aspects of marketing.

While in the marketing role, I achieved a CIM Professional Certificate in Marketing and CAM Diploma in Digital Marketing.

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