Land Registry to extend RQ pilot measure

Land Registry to extend RQ pilot measure

The Land Registry has hailed the success of the RQ pilot measure in better protecting thousands of properties against fraud.

The pilot measure that was launched in February 2012 will now be continued.

An owner who is not living and does not intend to live at the registered property can make a request for the restriction free of charge using Form RQ.

The restriction can help prevent fraud by requiring the solicitor or conveyancer acting for the seller to certify they are satisfied that the person selling or mortgaging the property is the same person as the owner.

The Land Registry is considering whether this can be extended to owners who are not private individuals, for example companies or trusts.

Restrictions cannot be entered on unregistered property, so you need to make sure the property is registered.

Registration also means you could be compensated if you suffer a financial loss as a result of becoming an innocent victim of registration fraud.

Remember to check that your contact details on the register are up-to-date – you can have up to three addresses including emails and addresses abroad.

See the Land Registry’s advice on how to protect yourself from property fraud.

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