Land Registry stop post redirection

Land Registry stop post redirection

In January 2015, the Land Registry introduced a new central address for post and DX. This was to allow their business customers to send applications and correspondence straight to their scanning centre.

As of 10th August 2015 any post now that is not sent to this central postal address will no longer be redirected to the correct address.

The Land Registry stated that this was introduced because the postal redirects from local offices to the scanning centre were causing ‘inconsistent delivery time’. The focus on one office should allow them to handle applications more efficiently and increase flexibility for future activity. It should also allow them to focus their efforts on the changes being made to their electronic alternative (view the Today’s Conveyancer report).

Most Land Registry customers now send their applications electronically through their portal. However, those that remain sending their applications through the post should be careful in ensuring that application is going to their central address (see Land Registry: Address for applications for the address) and all records are updated accordingly.

There are some exceptions that will need to be lodged at different addresses, which include applications for:

  • Bankruptcy and insolvency
  • Land charges and agricultural credits
  • Application to use Business e-services

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