June reflections

June reflections

National Sales Director at Conveyancing Data Services provides a personal overview on June and why he will be voting to remain.

I don’t know about you but I’m bored of the campaigns in the run up to the Brexit referendum. Both sides are equally guilty of blowing up the slightest indicator or story to the most ridiculous level (what about the facts?) and both are focussing on “fear” tactics. Naturally this has an effect on the wider economy, so personally I can’t wait until the whole thing is over (in just 10 days’ time thank goodness) and we can get on with ‘real’ life again. And what has happened to positive messages?

I firmly believe that positive messages are far stronger and last longer than negative messages. After all, Tony Blair and New Labour won an easy victory on the back of “things can only get better!” for goodness’ sake. It’s why we at CDS, always do everything with a smile on our face! We enjoy what we do, we make sure we’re good at what we do, we have fun and it’s infectious.

Back to the referendum. I’m voting to stay in and let me explain why: we know what we are dealing with in the EU (and its 500 million strong market). We’ve been in it since I was a lad (1972 I think) and we have seen our economy recover better than most from one of the worst recessions ever experienced, whilst we have been a member (even though some EU economies are still struggling). If we leave no one knows exactly what will happen – that is a fact! No country has ever left the EU before. If no one knows what will happen then there is uncertainty. Uncertainty leads to a lack of confidence and we have all witnessed in 2008 – 2012 what a lack of confidence does to economies. A vote to leave would undoubtedly lead to a recession, again, manufactured by ourselves. Fact. I don’t know how deep that recession would be, or how long it would last and frankly I don’t care, I don’t want to go through that again.

So I’m voting for continued growth, for maintaining our role and position in the world and for getting on with successfully building our way out of the last recession, which there is no doubt we have been doing. We’ve been doing well, let’s keep on doing so. End of rant!

So what has happened to TATs? Again not a great deal this month. Both OLAS and PLAS TATs slowed down a little bit, but the overall averages are still around 8 working days. It hasn’t helped that May had two Bank Holidays and the half term break, there is often a bit of a slowdown when people are taking holidays. I am confidently predicting an improvement in June.

My stars this week are:

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One more thing: I’m a proud Yorkshireman (I know you all know it!), who’s also proud to be English and proud to be British, but who feels European. Is this a generational thing? Interesting…

Have a great month, see you on the other side.

Kind regards, Richard

The above represents a personal view and does not, in any way reflect the views of Conveyancing Data Services Ltd.

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Richard Pickles, National Sales Director at Conveyancing Data Services

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