Introducing Hoowla’s Compliance Area: Elevating Compliance for Modern Law Firms

At Hoowla HQ we’re pleased to announce the release of the Compliance Area. This innovative addition to the Hoowla system is designed to empower legal professionals by simplifying and enhancing their regulatory compliance efforts.

The Compliance Area is a comprehensive solution that promises to transform how legal teams monitor, manage, and report on various aspects of compliance. This groundbreaking addition to the Hoowla system encompasses critical compliance areas, including team member certifications, complaints handling, Law Society and SRA visits, accreditations, and file audits. By integrating all these functionalities into one powerful tool, Hoowla aims to streamline compliance workflows, ensure strict adherence to industry regulations, and ultimately elevate the quality of legal services provided.

“At Hoowla, we are unwavering in our commitment to offering cutting-edge solutions that enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of our customers’ daily operations,” stated Adam Curtis, Managing Director of Hoowla. “The Compliance Area represents our dedication to addressing the ever-evolving needs of the legal industry. We fully comprehend the complexities surrounding regulatory compliance, and our goal is to provide legal professionals with the tools they require to navigate this intricate landscape with ease.”

Key features of the Hoowla Compliance Area include:

  • Certification Management: Effortlessly monitor and manage team members’ certifications and practising certificates, ensuring compliance with industry standards.
  • Complaints Handling: Streamline the process of handling professional conduct complaints and general complaints, facilitating effective resolution and reporting.
  • Regulatory Visits Management: Simplify the management of visits from regulatory bodies such as the Law Society and SRA, ensuring that your firm is fully prepared and compliant.
  • Accreditation Tracking: Keep track of accreditations and registrations to prevent lapses and maintain your firm’s credibility.
  • File Audit Integration: Seamlessly integrate file audits into your compliance efforts, ensuring that your legal processes meet the highest standards.

The Hoowla Compliance Area is a game-changer for solicitors, offering a streamlined approach to compliance management. It simplifies the tracking of team certifications, handles complaints efficiently, and ensures law firms are well-prepared for regulatory visits. Additionally, it aids in maintaining essential accreditations and integrating file audits seamlessly. This simplification of compliance tasks not only saves time and resources but also reduces the risk of legal issues and malpractice claims, ultimately enhancing the quality of legal services.

By centralising compliance efforts and automating various processes, the Compliance Area allows solicitors to focus more on their core legal work and client service. It provides a competitive edge by showcasing a commitment to quality and adherence to industry standards including CQS, Lexcel, ISO standards, and regulatory assessments.  It offers peace of mind by ensuring strict compliance, which is essential in today’s legal landscape.

Hoowla is a cloud-based case management software designed for law firms and conveyancers. It offers tools for document management, workflow automation, and collaboration, among other features, to streamline legal processes and increase productivity. To see Hoowla and our Accounting features in action, book a free demo!

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