Hoowla: First to Seamlessly Integrate Land Registry’s Estimated Completion Date

At Hoowla HQ, we’re thrilled to announce a game-changing development that is set to revolutionise the conveyancing experience for professionals.

Introducing our integration with the Land Registry’s Estimated Completion Date (ECD) – a cutting-edge feature that empowers conveyancers to access transaction completion information seamlessly within the Hoowla Case Management System, taking the conveyancing process to new heights of efficiency and convenience.

In the past, solicitors and conveyancers had to painstakingly calculate estimated completion dates themselves using the Land Registry’s completion time frames, causing needless delays and complicating workflows. But with our seamless integration of the Land Registry’s ECD, those days are now behind us! Our platform lets you access estimated completion dates directly within the E-DRS section, making the entire process a breeze.

The ECD feature is powered by robust data collected over the previous 30 days by the Land Registry. It expertly analyses this information to provide you with a reliable projection of when the majority (90%) of a specific application type will be completed. This projection is continuously updated every 30 calendar days until the application is finalised or cancelled. Armed with this data, our users can now make well-informed decisions, set realistic client expectations, collaborate effortlessly, and expertly manage your caseload.

We’re proud to be the first case management system to offer this revolutionary integration for free – a testament to our commitment to delivering innovative and value-driven services. The response has been nothing short of astounding, with our users fetching over 1,200+ dates within the first 25 minutes of the integration going live.

But that’s not all – our full case management users also enjoy the added perk of submitting AP1 applications at absolutely no additional cost. The combination of these powerful features has left our Hoowla users glowing with praise from their clients. Clients are impressed with the speed and efficiency of their buying and selling process, leading to an increase in caseloads and significant growth for our users.

With Hoowla’s ECD integration, conveyancers can now access accurate projections right within the Hoowla system, eliminating unnecessary back-and-forth and boosting efficiency to new heights. The smart estimates offered by this feature allow for improved planning and seamless communication with clients. Rest assured, the Hoowla experience sets a new standard for value-driven conveyancing solutions, positioning us as a pioneering innovator in the conveyancing software space, dedicated to empowering conveyancers to thrive in the digital age of property transactions.

We emphasise that the ECD is an estimate based on data given to and from the Land Registry, and most customers can expect their completed applications ahead of the projected date. Proactive communication with clients is made easier with this transparent and reliable estimation, cementing trust and confidence in your services.

With Hoowla and Land Registry’s innovative partnership, we’re thrilled to be at the forefront of transforming the conveyancing landscape. Say goodbye to cumbersome processes and embrace the future of streamlined, efficient, and seamless property transactions with Hoowla.

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