How to get paid your true worth

How to get paid your true worth in turbulent times

With soaring prices all around

You must keep your feet on the ground

Getting paid your true worth is absolutely key

So you can look after yourself and your family

It may be a bit naff but it’s mine. I thought it was a bit of fun with a serious message behind it. For best results, say it out loud to get the meter right!

Well let’s be honest shall we? The last few years have been total turmoil and that’s probably the under-statement of the year! In these peculiar times, it is potentially more challenging to get paid your true worth, particularly if you are a sensitive soul.

Sensitive people tend to also display the following characteristics:

  • Perfectionism
  • Conscientiousness to a fault
  • Put others first

All those may appear to be good qualities. Yet they can derail you if they are out of balance. They probably mean that you put the client first at the expense of the business which comes second and at the expense of yourself who comes third. Am I right?

Just pause for a moment and think about that. And that is not a good place to be either for the business or yourself personally.  It is out of balance.

So what is actually happening here when it comes to charging?

You may habitually feel uncomfortable having those money conversations with clients.  If that is the case, you are not alone, as it is very commonplace.

If you are not confident talking about the business side of things with your clients, this will inevitably lead to under-estimating, discounting and over-servicing.  You may also find yourself taking on clients who I irreverently label PITA clients.  Pain in the A….

For example, you may have thoughts like:

  • It’s a lot to ask them to pay
  • Is it really worth that much?
  • How can I possibly charge that?
  • How can I justify charging that when it was so easy?

Be honest, now, you’ve had thoughts like that, haven’t you? Well let me tell you that it’s only your mind playing tricks on you.  It makes you feel fearful which leads to the behaviours mentioned earlier of underestimating, discounting and over-servicing.

It’s only trying to keep you safe, though.  However, it is just not appropriate in these circumstances.  This is not a dangerous situation; it’s just business! You’re not going to die when you talk to your clients about your fees, I promise you that.

So how can you overcome this?

To help you get started, I’d now like to share the first step of my unique True Worth methodology with you.

TAKE CHARGE:  If you don’t run your business, your clients will.

So often, though, lawyers do not take charge of their clients or the sales process and therefore find themselves in a position of weakness.  This often leads to unpaid bills, discounted invoices, embarrassment and it then just becomes a vicious circle. Time to stop this misery and learn to get paid your true worth.

Vanessa helps law firms to increase revenue ethically, without having to work harder, by sharing her ground-breaking TRUE WORTH step-by-step methodology. The results are a wealthier firm and more confident and happier lawyers. It has never been more important to be able to do this than now.

To receive a copy of Vanessa’s 10-point cheat sheet for getting paid your true worth, email her at

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