Embracing Transformation: My journey with PEXA to revolutionise conveyancing

In a world that is constantly evolving, adaption and transformation are key to staying relevant and efficient in any industry.  Having spent many years as a conveyancer in legal practice, I’ve witnessed the evolution of a once respected profession to one marred by administration, delays, frustration, and an overall poor user experience (both internally and externally). 

It has been evident to me that the time for change was long overdue and that is why I made the decision to join PEXA, a company that is at the forefront of revolutionising the conveyancing space.

The Troubled Conveyancing Landscape

My journey in the conveyancing industry has been nothing short of a rollercoaster ride.  I have worked as a conveyancer in various legal practices, leading teams of vastly different sizes.  Whilst I still hold a deep passion for the principles that drew me to this field, I have also seen the challenges that have tarnished its reputation over time.

The Administrative Burden

One of the most significant issues plaguing conveyancing today is the administrative burden that has stifled its efficiency.  The once smooth process of property transfer has become encumbered by mountains of paperwork and tedious manual tasks.  This administrative quagmire not only leads to delays but also causes immense frustration for all parties involved.

Rising Fraud and Compliance Demands

Moreover, the conveyancing industry has had to grapple with rising levels of fraud and compliance requirements.  The perceived lack of transparency has only exacerbated the problems.  This stark contrast to the industry’s ‘glory’ days further emphasises the urgent need for transformation.

PEXA : A Beacon of Change

At the heart of any property transaction lies the financial aspect.  PEXA proposes a solution here that has the potential to revolutionise this aspect of Conveyancing.  The PEXA platform will provide a streamlined digital solution via the Bank of England that will allow for real time payments and ultimately immediate registration.

Success Down Under : PEXA in Australia

What truly convinced me to join PEXA was their success story in Australia.  They now handle almost 90% of all conveyancing transactions in the country, a testament to their capabilities.  This success gives me the confidence that PEXA has the infrastructure, technology, and expertise to successfully deliver a similar transformation to the conveyancing landscape in the UK.

Embracing PEXA’s vision

I am delighted to be part of the team working to promote and encourage the conveyancing industry to embrace this change and the improvement it can bring.

A Game-Changer in Conveyancing

In PEXA I see a real game-changer for the conveyancing industry.  The real potential to move away from burdensome administrative tasks that have increasingly held the industry back and allow conveyancers to focus on what truly matters – providing expert guidance to clients and ensuring smooth transactions.

With PEXA we have the tools and ambition to make this transformation a reality and I’m excited to be part of this journey towards a brighter future for conveyancing.

By Angela Hesketh, Head of Market Development PEXA UK.

This article was submitted to be published by PEXA as part of their advertising agreement with Today’s Conveyancer. The views expressed in this article are those of the submitter and not those of Today’s Conveyancer.

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