Digital Solutions Continue To Reduce Conveyancing Timescales

Digital Solutions Continue To Reduce Conveyancing Timescales

With the average conveyancing transaction taking 14 weeks to complete in 2018, many firms have been looking at innovative ways of creating a more efficient and inclusive process for the consumer.

One way to achieve this has been through using a range of technological solutions to create a more fluent digital process.

In recent weeks, Liverpool based firm, GWLegal, have started streamlining the conveyancing process by migrating their bridging purchase questionnaire from a paper form, sent out to the buyers address, through to an online system.

The firm’s use of emailing bridging questionnaires and increased use of digital technology are set to cut the conveyancing process by an entire week as buyers can reply instantly without any postal or third-party delays.

The firm have also adopted the use of an online portal, allowing consumers around the clock access to their conveyancing journey.

Lynne McCaffrey, head of property at GWlegal, commented: “Both our brokers and clients are now very tech-savvy, we get that, we get that they want fast and efficient processes, so it is our natural aim as a firm to make the conveyancing process, as much as possible, digital.

“Last year, we received feedback that our clients would prefer information-giving exercises such as the questionnaire to be online, so that information can be given in a more convenient way, and the case could get moving faster. We listened! We are now aiming for all questionnaires in our property department to be digital by the end of 2019.

“This change will also help us work with our brokers in a better way, seeing that transactions are completed within the client’s preferred time-scale. It’s a win-win for everybody involved. A digital process, as far as conveyancing is concerned, just makes sense.”

As price and service transparency continue to alter consumer expectations, it is cleat that the conveyancing sector is looking at innovative ways to improve the home buying experience and the conveyancing process.

Has your firm adopted any similar digital solutions to help improve the home buying experience?

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  • When e-mail was getting off the ground Prof Susskind (“Future of the Professions etc) suggested that it should be the primary means of communication between lawyer and client.

    The then president of the Law Society commented that his views were so outlandish that no solicitor should have anything to do with him.

    The Professor still delights in embelishing lectures with accounts of his threatened excommunication.

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