Diary Of A High Street Conveyancer – 4th December 2023

There are certain things that clients say and they think that you may never have heard anyone say it before – I know it is like that in most walks of life!

So this week, I had the first client of 2023 to tell me that she needed to know whether or not to put up her Christmas tree as she had a very excited four year old! Last week, I wrote about the Christmas cut off times so was happy to discuss this with her but my thought was just put the Christmas tree up and have the excitement of Christmas with your four year old – let’s just get exchange done by Christmas with completion in the New Year.

But there is one statement which clients make and it really makes me take a deep breath – I feel so wrong as the client does not know what they are saying irritates me and it is not their fault that it does. It is when they say – we have never done this before.

I have now fine tuned my response and say:

As a first time buyer, you have never bought a house before. When you come to move in the future, even though you have bought a house, you have never sold one. So if you are in a chain, even though you have bought a house before, you have never been in a chain, buying and selling at the same time.

The point is that everyone’s house move is different in the same way that all houses are different and all clients are different. Clients react differently to the stresses experienced during a house move, whether they are a first time buyer or a dealer. It is for us to guide them through the house move and make them trust us that whatever their move throws at us, including snow and cyber breaches in other firms, we will get them moved.

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