Diary of a high street conveyancer: 22nd May 2023

So as we head into another week which leads to a Bank Holiday (and another four-day working week), I thought it was time for us conveyancers to have some fun.

“Fun?”, I hear you shout. “When has this job ever been fun?”

Well, now is the time to make it fun.

I saw a similar idea on Twitter which was Courtroom Bingo, so I want to be the first person to introduce Conveyancing Bingo for you to play with your colleagues and provide prizes as you see fit. Please change or add your own as you wish – let me know on Twitter if you do. Have fun!

Formula B Exchange (as varied) Funds are in the system to you I’ll chase the other side

I’m waiting to hear from my client / The other side


I’m waiting to receive contract documents / mortgage offer / search results


I’m waiting to receive replies to enquiries I have received enquiries, but they are non-CQS compliant I need a copy of the FENSA certificate
Any reference to Dreamvar I’m waiting on the other side Any reference to the Building Safety Act Are you sure?
The job didn’t use to be this difficult Why do we do this job? Oh for heaven’s sake – I need a holiday I feel as if I should just pack up and go home


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