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Diary of a high street conveyancer: 20th March

Welcome to National Conveyancing Week! There are some very exciting events taking place and some really interesting online discussions. However, it makes me a little sad that we have to have a week to celebrate conveyancing and make others aware of what we do.

When my children were younger, we were invited into the primary school at the start of every school year for a talk by the head teacher and then taken to our children’s classrooms to be shown what they would be taught that year. We were told how we could help our children and what we, as parents, could do at home to support them.

If you were to ask me about any of the advice we were given about long division or multiplication tables, I would not know what to say. But what has stayed with me is something that the headmaster said every year.

He always started his address to the parents by telling us that we weren’t the parents he wanted to see. He knew that we were the parents who cared about their children’s education and wanted to help the children and support the teachers. It was the parents who weren’t there who he really wanted to see, but he had still not worked out a way to get the message to those parents that they needed to come to the meeting.

Looking at National Conveyancing Week, it’s the conveyancers who haven’t engaged with it who are the ones that need to the most.

So, hang the bunting with pride and make sure that those firms who ask pages of unnecessary enquiries and seek to delay matters unnecessarily are told all about this week. Tell them about the interesting topics for discussion and how it can help us all work together better. Ask them to sign up for next year, which will be even bigger and brighter!

This is written by a real high street conveyancer who wishes to remain anonymous. Read more in Today’s Conveyancer every week.

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