DevAssist receives CPD accreditation

DevAssist receives CPD accreditation

We are delighted to announce that DevAssist has been granted CPD accreditation from the SRA. This means that you can now collect points while also finding out how our unique search reports can help your property-buying or probate clients.
Our principal course — Trade Secrets:  Development and its Impact/Benefit on Conveyancing and Probate Practitioners — lifts the lid on some of the dark arts employed by developers to find and negotiate plots on which they can build profitably. 
At the same time you’ll find out how we can help release hidden value in your clients’ properties, or identify any potential future development risk or opportunity that may affect an intended purchase.  The course also examines the thorny subject of ransom strips (Stokes v Cambridge) and the impact these can have on the value or enjoyment of clients’ property. 
Other subjects covered include taxation of a main residence when sold for development; government polices and approach to development; and the public’s attitude and facts on development.
So why not let us organise a course for you and your colleagues? Give us a call on 01342 890010 or visit


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