DevAssess Premium – why you need to include this search

DevAssess Premium – why you need to include this search

DevAssist are the only company who audit locations to provide unique and valuable insight into development risks and opportunities.  

Serving the legal industry, their management team are uniquely placed to assist the property sector due to having decades of experience in the property, planning and development industries.  

DevAssist can vastly improve solicitors’ service levels and in turn provide valuable clarity to property buyers by making purchase safer and eliminating development risk.  

Their new product, DevAssess Premuim provides a comprehensive report that has greater depth of information on potential development.  

What is DevAssess Premuim? 

A highly recommended report for any property transaction which ultimately exposes any risk of planned development, looking at all possible eventualities to aid decision making.  

The report is for risk-adverse property purchases up to 40 acres and studies 75m from the perimeter of the property to search for any possible development risks. Searches for properties with land beyond this area can also be carried out, with the price provided on application.   

This more in-depth report can also reveal alternative exit strategies for the buyer/investor/lender in the future and potential hidden value in properties.  

DevAssess Premium can also deliver your report in 3 working days as opposed to 5 days with the DevAssess basic assessment.  

Why is it a vital product? 

Purchasing or investing in property is a major financial decision and in no means taken lightly, DevAssess Premium goes the extra mile with additional in-depth investigations in comparison to its standard DevAssess counterpart. 

The report gives a thorough understanding of any developmental risk that could impact a property. A seller or buyer can be informed of any unforeseeable changes to the value of the property before the transaction takes place, which protects professional indemnity insurance from the danger of under or over selling a property. 

Furthermore, it enables the client to see that the conveyancer can show due diligence as any potential risks will be flagged by the report, enabling the buyer/seller to foresee development in the surrounding area of the property that would affect the price of the property at the time of the purchase. This premium report arms solicitors with confidence and provides cover so they will not be held accountable. 

Who should use it? 

All conveyancers who are working on residential/commercial property transactions with up to 40 acres of land and any buyers, sellers, investors and lenders who are associated with the same. 

A DevAssess Premium search can also be carried out for properties with land beyond 40 acres – email [email protected] to find out more.  

A case was brought to light last year which highlights the need for DevAssess Premium’s professional opinion. In the Orientfield Holdings v Bird & Bird LLP EWCA 348 case, the sellers’ solicitors suggested using a ‘Plansearch’ but this report only showed planning applications in the area.  

If a search of the Local Authority’s records were used, it would have revealed a major redevelopment proposal of two existing schools to create a six-storey academy. 

The buyer found out about the redevelopment between exchange and completion and pulled out of the contract because of misrepresentation by the sellers. It finally resulted in the buyer suing Bird & Bird solicitors for negligence. 

DevAssess Premium provides a much more detailed analysis and expert opinion whereas a ‘Plansearch’ would not. This case highlights the importance of getting expert advice as it takes the burden of responsibility away from solicitors because if a wrong decision is made, as in the case of Bird & Bird, the repercussions can be costly. 

For more on this case click here:

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Dev Assist


If one thing contributes more than any other factor to the value or feel of a property, it’s the location. Without going to the trouble of studying planning policy, SHLAA documents, planning data etc. it’s hard to know what’s being planned or feasibly what could happen in a location. That’s why you need DevAssist.

We are the only company offering home buyers bespoke reports that look to the future as well as the past and present. Our unique reports will expose any potential development threat or opportunity, as well as identifying any existing planning applications that may affect the property.

DevAssist offer four reports that cater for specific requirements when purchasing either residential or commercial property.

DevAssess (RRP £80.00 +VAT)

A DevAssess report will deliver a professional opinion on the risk of development for residential or commercial properties under 0.25 acres. Studies a 75m radius from the centre of the main structure. Turnaround in 5 working days. A Fast track 24-hour option is available for an additional £50.00 +VAT.

DevAssess Premium (RRP £250.00 +VAT)

A DevAssess Premium report offers an in-depth professional opinion on the risk of development for large residential and commercial properties. It is suitable for sites from 0.25 acres to 40 acres Investigates 75m from the property boundary. Turnaround in 3 working days. A Fast track 24-hour option is available for an additional £120.00 +VAT.

DevCity (RRP £500.00 +VAT)

A DevCity report will provide a unique and enlightened view on development risks in urban locations for residential or commercial properties under 1 acre. It enhances due diligence and helps make informed decisions before contracts are exchanged. Turnaround in 3 working days. A fast track 24-hour option is available for an additional £360.00 +VAT.

DevProbate (RRP £60.00 +VAT)

A DevProbate report will explore the development potential of residential or commercial properties under 0.25 acres to ensure they achieve their full financial potential. It is widely used by solicitors, estate agents, asset managers, accountants and debt recovery experts. Turnaround in 5 working days. A fast track 24-hour option is available for an additional £40.00 +VAT.

  • Contact Number - 01342 890 010
  • Address - DevAssist Lld, Crown House, 37 High Street, East Grinstead, RH19 3AF

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