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In this latest episode of the Today’s Conveyancer podcast, host David Opie speaks with Sally Holdway.

Having started out life as a high street conveyancer, Sally has moved through a series of roles leading innovation at large conveyancing firms and QualitySolicitors before setting up Teal Legal in 2018.

Sally now devotes much of her time to exploring new technology opportunities for law firms with the aim of combining data and technology to improve the home-moving process.

Research conducted by Teal Legal has revealed that upto 20% of a conveyancer’s time is spent collating information to report on, whether it be back to the lender or the client. Far from doing the conveyancer’s job, Sally firmly believes that technology offers the opportunity to reduce the time spent collecting and interpreting data, with instant access to information increasing efficiency and improving the transaction for all, not least the conveyancer who can actually be left to do the legal work.

In this episode Sally discusses the current technologies which she would urge law firms to explore, which are most likely to impact efficiency and client experience, ranging from HM Land Registry’s Register Extract Service, to the multiple new opportunities coming down the line. She also discusses what this might mean for how conveyancing is carried out over the coming months and years.

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This episode was recorded before the announcement of the death of Queen Elizabeth II. Any reference to “Queen” within the podcast is not an intentional reference to the events of Thursday 8th September, and there is no intention to offend. 

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